Predatory paedophile rings...with charitable status

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    Good post.

    The first part for me is just patently obvious. These men are not pious men. They are typically racist gangsters with the same type of racist mindset shared by our very own racists like Billy Charlton.
    Roses are red, Billy, Billy
    Violets are blue,
    We're going to have sex cos I'm stronger than you.
    Billy might not be a gangster but do I believe he would enjoy a bit of rape if it was some Pakistani girl and he thought he could get away with it? Yes, I really do.

    All child abusers share the same MO. Get into a situation where you have access to children (preferably vulnerable which aids deniability)
    Isolate the child.
    Threaten and reward to continue the abuse, rinse and repeat.

    I think that it's both. Opportunity in the night time economy to get close to young girls and ply them with drink and drugs certainly exists but also I really do agree that they are racists who see white girls as worthless.

    The main perpetrator of the Leeds Court trial (the one that our Tommy was so concerned about). His name is Amere Singh Dhaliwal, a Sikh name, certainly not a muslim one. He was found guilty on over 50 counts in his trial. Do you think that he shared the view that white girls are worthless? Cos I do. There were Hindu names involved as well. As the BNP grows in influence in India we'll see increased representation in such cases as their nationalistic government uses rape to increase male power over women in that country. It will slide towards what we see more of in Pakistan.
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    Fucking hell, I'll be amazed if this post doesn't get deleted. The bloke might be a wanker but you can't say things like that.
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    It's like I've seen this before but you have to realise that because this school and the rapists who served on it's staff are not part of the 84%...this case is of less consequence as some other cases. I'm sure that for these kids being raped feels just as bad as being raped by some migrant gangster but really it doesn't seem to matter as much. They don't count in the really important stats because they're not officially a gang.

    Roses are red, violets are blue. We're gonna have sex cos I'm stronger than you.

    I didn't like that....Billy did.
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  4. WHD

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    Maybe I've missed something. Did he actually say that to someone?
  5. JonMc

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    He agreed with the comment. He gave it his seal of approval.
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    no wonder they were always shite
  7. WHD

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    So what happened exactly?
  8. JonMc

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    He liked the comment on facebook.

    Now don't be too outraged it doesn't suit you. Remember when you had this to say when Ted Heath's Godson defended him against allegations of rape? I'll remind you...

    You're nasty. And I stand by what I say. Rape as means of controlling women is far more likely to be based on right wing nationalistic politics than religion.
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    :lol: says the bloke who used to sing racist songs and likes to belittle people who work in call centres.

    I'm not outraged, it turns out there was some basis to what you said just like there was about Ted Heath.
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    I did sing racist songs along with other fans of this club. I admit it and I very much regret it. I was weak and sheep-like.

    Your comments about his Godson reflects how you feel about rape victims. Do you regret it?
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    What's your excuse for belittling people who work in call centres ?
  12. JonMc

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    I don't have one. It was a chance to wind you up.
  13. Aituk7

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    Have a look at everyone who has been arrested as part of grooming gangs. I'll bet you the majority as Muslim. Want to prove me wrong?
  14. WHD

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    If I worked in a call centre, why would that be a reason to wind me up?

    No, I think Ted Heath was a dodgy bastard and in his case there's no smoke without fire.
  15. mackem in milan

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    No, I didn't. Read my post again, I was saying it's not all down to religion or nationality and seeing white victims as worthless but also the opportunities open to these men which they exploit to sexually abuse children. I think they are Muslim more in a cultural way rather than being deeply religious.
  16. JonMc

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    Not at all. They definitely are. You think it's because of the infamous paedo prophet and I think it's more to do with a culture of male dominance expressed through an honour system and manipulated by right wing groups. India is heading in the same direction as Pakistan. I wouldn't be surprised if Turkey's future started heading the same way tbh in a decade or so as Erdogan's vision fulfils itself.

    But you didn't answer my question. Do you think that this Sikh chappie held white girls in contempt? Thought of them only as meat? I do and I want to hear your reasons on how religion is responsible for that.

    You said that his Godson was raped by him and that he secretly enjoyed the experience and secretly wished he was still being raped by his Godfather. Slightly different.
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    Yeah, of course I did
  18. JonMc

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    'Maybe he still thinks it was their special secret what went on when he went round his house?'
  19. Pop

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    Grim as fuck.

    Authorities will have known what was going on and did nothing as per.
  20. JonMc

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    In all of this the focus has got to be on what do we do now.

    It's all horrible but after decades of completely ignoring the problem of child sexual abuse in this country we do have the chance to make a fresh start and to start actually imposing laws that are already here to deal with the situation.

    As we see with the gang grooming cases, people who have been historical victims of these offences are stating to be believed and we have to take advantage of this. We have to use this climate of zero tolerance toward child abuse and we have to use it to ensure things don't slide in the future. That's what will decide what legacy we get out of all this mess. Historical crimes are horrible and we have to keep prosecuting them but the important thing is to keep the pressure on and to make sure that things don't slide ever again.

    If we do let the rules slide again then the prosecutions of religious institution, celebrity rape, gang rape...all of it will have been for absolutely nothing. They may as well not have been prosecuted at all if we're not going to learn from it and turn a Nelsonian blind eye yet again.

    There will be more historical cases of child abuse to come. Celebrate every time they come to our attention but we have to use it so that we don't fail out kids in the future.
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