Predatory paedophile rings...with charitable status

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  1. The schools “prioritised the monks and their own reputations over the protection of children … in order to avoid scandal”.

    Over forty years of a culture of rape and sexual abuse of children in two leading Catholic private schools. Perpetrators not reported to the police, or just moved on without any kind of punishment. Monks avoiding giving information to or cooperating with those investigating abuse. Allegations dealt with internally, and never referred to the police when there were clear criminal offences committed.

    Both schools effectively ignoring the Nolan Report on the safeguarding of childen in the church in 2001, and the Church letting them do that. One former headmaster of Downside “made several trips with a wheelbarrow with files to the edge of the estate and made a bonfire of them”.

    Neither school has made public apology or established any kind of redress to the victims.

    Both the schools and the religious foundations that run them should lose their charitable status. I can't see why on earth they should be effectively subsidised by the tax payer to at best ignore child protection, at worst have a decades long culture of conspiring to cover up the rape of children. For each perpetrator unreported to the police, there were many of the clergy there that knew, and let this happen. This is awful, and astonishing, and although some of the individuals have been brought to justice, many have not, and the organisations have not had to pay the price for this - and they should.

    (And then the very interesting postscript to this one. Two senior social services staff (one the actual designated Safeguarding Officer, the other the Deputy Director of Children’s Services) both gave evidence to the enquiry that while dealing with one case about a priest accused of abuse, they had two calls from the office of the Secretary of State for Education asking for information about the case that they were not prepared to give as it was a live child protection and police case. One was then phoned - she testified to the inquiry - by the Secretary of State himself, Michael Gove, who again asked for information that they did not release.

    Gove and the DfE ‘cannot recall’ making any such calls. Is an odd thing for the two professionals to make up, especially as Gove had no personal connection to the matter.

    Why would he be interested in the outcome of one particular case at one particular school in Somerset to which he had no connection? Maybe he was asked a favour. The school governor with responsibility for child safeguarding during some of the period concerned was one Lady Gillian Rees-Mogg. The abbot of the the school/monastery officiated at her son’s wedding. Her son is the MP for the neighbouring constituency. He’s been in the news a bit.

    That all seems fine and not at all unprofessional and underhand.)
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    Ampleforth was really weird. Played rugby there enough times and it was all very bizarre
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  3. All Catholic schools are a bit weird though aren't they?
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    Vile bastards committing dreadful crimes and wicked people covering up their offending. Eventually the perpetrators of the abuse get convicted but we really need to start going after those in power who are turning a blind eye or covering up the actions of the these criminals.

    There are people up and down the land with knowledge of abuse on their concence but they're getting off scot free. It has to stop.
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    What's your point?
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    Religion of peace.
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    Well after pointing out that Islam makes muslims groom because of what allah did I wondered what you thought about Catholic sex offenders?

    For balance like.
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  9. Anyone who is a religious nut isn’t to be trusted with bairns ,it’s just this day and age Islam seems to have more than its fair share if you go off the recent press it receives .
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    The muslim grooming gangs are type 1 offenders, these monks are type 2.

    Apart from that, it's exactly the same offence.

    And btw, allah isn't real so he didn't do anything
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    It's frightening that this problem exists in every level of our society. The Children's Society conservatively estimate 1 in 20 suffer some form of sexual abuse, the number probably being higher due to the low report rate.

    I see Michael Gove has been linked to one of the investigations, doubt we'll get to the truth of that either.
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    Gans to the very top. Plenty of lads on here said it for years.

    Unfortunately it all gets hushed up.

    Why you putting flavours on paedos? Serious question. When none whatsoever are needed. They're all vile beasts.
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    Apologies @Aituk7 said Allah's "actions" makes muslims groom.

    You dont see any similarities between the cases?
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    Children's homes, care homes, households - anywhere that adults are in charge of children is a risk area in reality.
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    That's where you're going wrong mate.
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    "Putting favours on paedos".

    What the fuck are you going on about you imbecile?
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    Would have made a lot more sense for you to give your thoughts first.
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    You tell me. You're the one doing it. Type 1 type 2 bullshit. Paedos are paedos. Why try and differentiate to suit your agenda? If the topics are too complicated for you to navigate then I suggest you pipe down and let the grown ups talk.
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    The similarlities are kids being abused. The MO and motivations are different.

    With grooming gangs I believe it's a cultural thing where girls outside the religion are looked upon as worthless.

    With the monks I believe they choose to be monks to get access to young boys.

    Take it up with CEOP you fucking prick
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    I did on another thread mawks

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