Pray for Bradley

Discussion in 'SMB' started by becs, Jun 27, 2017.

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  1. mcq10

    mcq10 Striker

    Poor little sod. It really is unfair that little bairns suffer like this.

    The world is a fucked up cruel place at times
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  2. Kent_Mackem

    Kent_Mackem Striker


    Poor lad. And his family too. Life is cruel. What can anybody say or do other than to wish them well and say they are thinking of them. If there is ever a crumb of comfort for that family it is that their son touched the hearts of so many people, not only in the North East but across our entire country.

    Bradley - you put a smile on the faces of hundreds of thousands. What a star!
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  3. :eek:
  4. Blackrat

    Blackrat Subs Bench

    Come on Brad lad. Give us a smile.
  5. thamesvalleyman

    thamesvalleyman Midfield

    Poor Bradley. This is so sad. And as for those idiots who have come up with those questions, they need to give their head a shake.
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  6. NeilP

    NeilP Midfield

    They need someone to give them a hand giving their heads a shake. I'll gladly help out.
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  7. It's a cruel world. Thoughts are with the young lad and his family.
  8. SPUFF

    SPUFF Striker

    Keep going son.

    Yep, as the pool of moronic scratters increases by the day this social media thing will only get worse. Whats the solution? Some sort of monitoring/policing? Though these fuckwits are not breaking the law. Maybe it'll be so rife with scum in 20 yr or so, like a rough pub folk will just give it a miss.
  9. sima-hebburn

    sima-hebburn Winger

    seen a post on FB(safc banter) about him going yellow, hope its FB Bull sh*T , not good if cancer affectng organs.
  10. Its true :cry: this was part of his Mams post on his Facebook page the other day 'Bradley is very tired today and hasn't been awake much, you can't see it on this photo but his skin colour is starting to change and he is looking yellow'.
    Poor bairn :cry:.
  11. Speedy1976

    Speedy1976 Midfield

    It's not my place to say anymore than is in the public domain, but he's really not well.
  12. errant

    errant Striker

  13. becs

    becs Striker

    It's really sad after he looked so giggly on that recent video to promote his song :cry:
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  14. Keawyeds

    Keawyeds Striker

    When I was a baby (and had cancer) and I'd be in my pram (most likely attached to a machine) occasionally people would say to my Mam
    "Awww. How long's he got?"

    Fuck. Ing. Hell.
    I have no idea how she could respond to that.
  15. Chappers

    Chappers Striker

    Some people are just fucking idiots.
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  16. Keawyeds

    Keawyeds Striker

    Yes. Yes they are.
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  17. sima-hebburn

    sima-hebburn Winger


    we all knew this day was coming. but kept grasping onto a small chance.
  18. PTR

    PTR Striker

    I feel really sorry for them all feeling that they need to update the public now. Having to write this stuff down every couple of days must be awful.
  19. SPUFF

    SPUFF Striker

    I think anyone of any decency wouldnt mind a cease of this tbh.

    Of course the fucking scratters will demand a daily update.
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  20. Unfortunately once in the public eye its hard to pull back from it.

    I agree with you though. I read what I see on here. I don't go out looking for news at the end of the day its nobodies business but those close around him
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