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Discussion in 'Diet and Exercise' started by Titus, Mar 14, 2013.

  1. daveydavey

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    What are your objectives? Generally speaking I would stay away from an Argos weights set regardless of the aims you have, there will be better equipment available.

    But, we really need to know what your objectives in "building muscle" are - could you explain please?

    Personally I am running almost everyday now as my sciatica has relented after 3 years, and I used to run a lot before I injured my back. So I am down to 12.13st on a morning and benching 100kg x3 as max sets which I am very happy with at this weight. Unfortunately I am not deadlifting (at all) or squatting (heavy) as I don't want to place the weight on my lower back. I am doing a lot of reps with 60-80kg squats and mostly work on the leg press.

    I feel great! Thank fuck sciatica is going.
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  2. Simpsyla

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    Absolute stinker for me on Saturday - no PB's achieved. Had a bad night's sleep with my diabetes the night before - a prolonged hypo which I over-corrected for and ended up fighting hyperglycemia during the night. Then ended up doing a full dog walk prior to lifting to fit in with the rest of the day (usually I'll just do a short one before training and take them out for a full walk after). Finally, I had my cannula in my stomach and my weight belt just put pressure on the edge of it, made me suitably uncomfortable! Still, these things happen!

    Squat - previous PB 145 - went for 146, failed miserably. Then failed at 140. Best was 130 in the warm up. Especially disappointing as I'd done 130 for a double the previous weekend as my top set.

    Bench - previous PB 75 - this was what I was really hoping to improve on after spending six weeks concentrating on it. Failed miserably at 90. Failed at 85 and then 80. Best was 70 in the warm up.

    Deadlift - previous best 150 - went for 160 and failed. Schnauzer decided to boot off at next door's gardener after minute 4 of my 5 minute rest before attempting this, which didn't help my frame of mind. Didn't try 155 as was sick by then!

    Really disappointed but not disheartened - testing my five rep max's this morning and Thursday, away for the weekend and then starting Madcow 5x5 next Tuesday - I believe that's a twelve week programme and then will test my 1rm's again, and hopefully see some improvement.

    Agree with @daveydavey that it would be useful to know what your objectives are and what programme you're going to follow. For instance, if you were going to do Stronglifts (which I'd recommend from personal experience) your 50kg would only last you about five weeks, if that, and then you'd need to be looking to buy more weights.

    There was a lad looking to sell 100kg of weights - thread is probably still on the front page here - may be worth giving him a shout. Although they were 1" (as opposed to 2" Olympics) - I started off with 1" but outgrew them within about 10 months, and ended up buying 2", so buying twice...

    The set-up that I'm currently working with is a squat stand (with spotters arms, which are vital as I train alone), flat bench (wish I'd bought an adjustable one in retrospect), a 7 foot bar (anything less than a standard 7 foot probably won't be 20kg and it's a pain loading a bar just to get to 20kg to start with, again, I learned this the hard way!) and then plates from Powerhouse fitness. If you have a look on Ebay etc. you'll probably pick a similar set-up up second hand relatively cheaply, as long as you've got the space.
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  3. hairynaker

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    At this point I'm just looking to bulk up a bit, build muscle, lose fat but not get too big. Hard to explain, maybe I should try and find a pic of something to aim towards.

    I'm 170 pound, 6ft and never really done any training.

    Currently doing between 50-100 pull ups 4 out of 7 days and 100-200 press ups.
    Some good knowledge in there I didn't know to look for.
  4. Charmless Man

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    Join a gym unless it’s really not an option.

    Follow a beginner’s linear progression programme based on the 4/5 main barbell exercises for as long as you can before you stop making progress.
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  5. Simpsyla

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    Is there a reason you'd suggest joining a gym over training at home, if you have the space? Thanks.
  6. Charmless Man

    Charmless Man Striker

    Probably more in response to the level of equipment he was looking at.

    If you can afford decent stuff at home then go for it, shouldn’t be an issue.

    I like gyms though. If you find one with a good atmosphere it’s really motivating. I prefer having a spotter than setting the pins.

    Plus I couldn’t reasonably afford the standard of equipment we have at my gym. And certainly couldn’t fit it in my house.
  7. Consider having a week off and trying for the 1RMs again? You have valid reasons for an off day.
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  8. Simpsyla

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    Yeah, might have another lighter week next week then re-test the 1rm's on the Saturday and start Madcow the next week.

    Thought I may have a bit of a longer break imposed as was in a car crash on my way home on Tuesday. Thankfully though physically it isn't as bad as it could have been - soreness and nausea (going to see the nurse about that tonight) but trained this morning successfully - was thinking the gym may show up some adverse effect I hadn't discovered thus far but thankfully not.
  9. I am glad to hear that you’re ok.

    Another thing that I forgot to mention is that it might be preferable to test the 1RMs separately. I.e. have a rest and then go for the bench press only after your warm up sets.
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  10. Lewberry pie

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    Always have days like that, remember that you actually enjoy doing it when you have them.
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  11. Biscuitz

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    Got a request to you good people, similar to a request I made a while back. I am looking for the simplest protein rich meals to prepare so I can up my levels.

    I ask as I love weightlifting and am really pleased with what I have achieved over the last couple of years and have a decent shape to me now but would love to get a bit bigger. That is something that I think would kick on my enthusiasm for it all.

    I weigh around 180lbs but I reckon I was only having around 80 grams of protein a day. I have upped that to about 110 - 120 grams in the past few days but am aware that I still need more if I want to grow further.

    The tricky bit is that I really struggle with organising, cooking and varying my food. I get very mixed up (due to aspergers) on food and find introducing something new quite difficult. Right now I have chicken salad each lunch and most days have tuna salad for dinner. I also have a protein shake after work out. I don't care so much for how it tastes as I don't really like food an awful lot. The main thing i think is to find something really simple to buy or to prepare in advance with decent levels of protein (and wont make me fat!) and try and introduce that over time.

    Any tips you can offer are appreciated!

    (A protein shake when I wake up is one simple way I guess)
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  12. Simpsyla

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    Think I might try that this week - squat Tuesday, bench Thursday, deadlift Saturday. Start Madcow the week after, cheers. And thanks for the well wishes, much appreciated.

    Yeah, cheers. Enjoyed training this week testing my five rep max's and think I'll retest 1rm's separately this week and see how I get on.

    I have porridge for breakfast and have a scoop of whey in with that, may be a simple way. You also didn't mention eggs - good, simple source of protein and can be cooked in a myriad of ways so hopefully you can find one (or more) that you like and incorporate that.
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  13. maygo

    maygo Winger

    High protein baits-
    Cottage cheese
    Greek yoghurt
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  14. Simpsyla

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    I was surprised at how much protein was in baked beans when I looked at lunch.
  15. hairynaker

    hairynaker Midfield

    Hovis low carb protein bread, a couple of slices and two cans of tuna, with a bit low fat mayo to mix in. 60 grams of protein and only 450 calories.
  16. Biscuitz

    Biscuitz Midfield

    appreciate the food responses. Bought some chickpeas and some greek yoghurt yesterday. Also upping the chicken to double for lunch. Will have some scrambled eggs now and again too

    Starting gymming in the morning before work as lunchtimes were getting difficult. It's nice doing an early session.
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  17. Charmless Man

    Charmless Man Striker

    Looks like I’m going to take to the platform and compete in September then.

    My main goal is to bench 150kg in it.

    Should also add - hoping to compete as a 93kg.

    At 6’1 I’m obviously too tall for that but I’m currently that weight and not gaining any, whilst my lifts are all up.
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  18. hairynaker

    hairynaker Midfield

    I forgot to mention aldi slim well microwave meal, chicken tikka masala 63 grams of protein and only 371 calories.
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  19. davoak

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    Getting a fair bit of cramp in my lats had a little bit play about with my pull downs dropped my weight off but this is awful :lol: getting comfortable sleeping is hard work! Just feel like they need stretched out anyone had this? Anything you can do
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