Poster Framing


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the picture place at leechmere. they do all this kind of stuff and will frame stuff for you and suggest layouts and frame and card styles. theyve got loads of frames sunderland stuff and other sports stuff inside. loads of signed music memorabilia as well.

They framed my Prodigy stuff

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Used Leechmere
Also bought cheap crap Ikea framed stuff and knicked the frame .
Also ordered frame online with mount and did myself


I thought they had closed down?
Aye he's gone. Used him for the first time about a week before he shut. I had a frame I'd bought in the Range or summat that the mount was a bit too small for and I asked him if he could fit a better mount. He wasn't happy with the quality of the frame but he got it sorted canny and seemed reluctant to take any money for it.

Was a shame he closed cos I've chucked more stuff in cheap frames myself since and I'm sure he'd have done a better job.


MAKE M frames. Local lad does a good job for a reasonable price. Have a look at his Facebook page for previous jobs he’s done and contact details.