Post a pic of your axe

The sort of thing we do at work. Apologies if I shouldn’t post it on here. The workshops has an open door policy and you’re welcome to pop in and have a look around if you’re ever in the area -we might even get you winding some pick ups.
Just as long as they sound better than that awful track on the video...
The dvd version has him in a bit of light but the live show I saw he was in the dark stopping me watching him do his thing
Had a nice cream musicman fretless ,80s job ,sold it for not a lot :cry:
This one I've got now, has been butchered a bit. John East preamp and Nordstrand pickup in it, full sweepable mids so there's nothing that you can't dial in tone-wise. It's pretty cool :cool:
I'll have to bring it over to you sometime :D
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Just bought myself a Harley Benton Tele type guitar as it's hard finding lefty's...

Hopefully it's as playable as the reviews say. Will change the tuners and the nut to tusq and decent strings.