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Shame you think that forum is totally representative of Pompey fans.

Most of us say the same as you about it.

The best and most representative forum is the one below but you can only see it by signing up as a member.


the earl percy

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The one that amused me ,was the one re famous Sunderland people ,some of his list was just mad ,Jimmy Nail newcastle ,Vivian what's his name oxford ,Kate Adie was raised in Sunderland born in Northumberland .Great research, in fact the only one born in Sunderland was Wearside Jack who was as mad and of the same intellect of posters on their board

john h

I met some great ones at Wembley who bought us all a pint, they were top notch ...just in the interest of balance
Don't know if it's getting owld but it's not hard to spot the knackers in any support..
Agreed...every support has a percentage of cavemen...the grunt and thump tribe...Pompey brought some up to the SOL in April..no dispute about that fact, and the Portsmouth fans we got chatting to on the metro back to Central were just as pissed off with their antics as we were..


My abiding memory of their last visit up here was seeing a really fat woman with a Pompey shirt stretched over her shapeless torso, sporting a moustache that wouldnt look out of place on a 14 year old boy.

Teeth like a row of fucked headstones as well.
That’s a good one. Use “teeth like a witch docror’s necklace” myself.