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Discussion in 'SMB' started by The Rat, Dec 8, 2018.

  1. The Rat

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    Bit of a geeky question. Anyone use these? I am moving about a bit from work, not using a laptop though, its a small Brix desktop computer, its tiny, but I prefer it to my mac for work.

    I was looking at portable USB monitors, about 150 - 200 quid for a 15 inch one I think.

    Only thing is seem to me mainly used as 2nd screens for laptops, wondering if they can handle desktops.

    I am shit with computers, I am expecting very few replies but any help be canny. ta
  2. Bishop Boy

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    Format the fucker.
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  3. PTR

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    A USB monitor?
  4. ajthemackem

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    Well I'll be, they exist. Ah I see, the wee lappy type things.
  5. Bishop Mackem

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    This is why they invented laptops
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  6. Monty Pigeon

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    I'm using one right now. I prefer to work with two screens. Because I'm travelling for several months in Africa I'm relying on a laptop and bought an ASUS 169B HD screen to supplement it. No complaints. It works very well, and paying a bit more for full HD was well worth it. MS Word is exceptionally sharp on it, and it's also very good for watching HD fillums on.
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