Plane Etiquette

Totally acceptable and lots of explanations.

10am flight...probably at airport at 7am, left house at 6am, up at 430am..probably late to bed as was packing/sorting. As soon as fasten seats belt signs goes out, tell behind I am reclining but give me a tap around meal time and have a snooze.

If going to Asia (+8) then I would want to sleep around 2pm onwards so I am straight into new time zone. In fact I will often go to bed late the night before so I know I will sleep on the flight.

The Dubai flight takes a weekend millionaire and raises it! I am talking full families in obvious full fake designer outfits.
this for me. always do red eye back from states to try help get back to uk time.


Even long haul overnight?
Yes. I have no problem sleeping on non-reclined seats, even on short flights.

But even if the person in front does recline, it's surely polite just to ask or warn the person behind first before they plough it back. What if they have a glass of claret on the tray?
You've never stood up for a flight before? Don't know what you're missing mate!
All seater stadiums... all seater flights...... meh! :)


Did our first long haul flight for 13 years on Wednesday. Was dreading it but it was actually ok and thankfully our kids behaved.

However I found it incredibly annoying and rude that the man in front reclined his chair for about 10 hours 45 mins of the 11 hour journey. Thus leaving me feeling claustraphobic and rather pee'd off. His partner did the same also in the seat next to him. And they were necking on too!! 🤬 Ergh!

Spoke to an air hostess and she said there was nothing we could do. I ended up swopping seats with kids but still not great.

Have you encountered passengers who have done the same, or other annoying acts on a plane, and did you do anything about it?

They had better not be sitting in front of us on the way home!!!
hiw date he Pay thousands for his seat and then use it as it can be


Same happened to me back from our honeymoon. Some French hewa lashed his seat back as I was tucking into my chicken and roasted vegetable pasta. I said 'WEAY AYE' to him and he turned around and didn't apologise. I spent the next 6 hours of the flight randomly kneeing the back of his chair and apologising.

Little wanker. Wouldnt have minded if he asked but in answer to your question, I wouldn't do it myself.
soz but giggled at that:lol: i wonder if he was sat puzzled thinking what language is that!


Our lass had a class seat on the way there last year. Row in front only had two seats so she had nobody in front.

I had a shite one on the way back. Shitty little lcd screen that didn't line up with where I was sat and the twat in front reclined. I amused myself by grabbing their headrest and pulling myself up with it when I had to stand up. There's a canny bit give in them seats.
Most of my recent short haul flights the seats dont recline any more. Sorted.

Long haul, try Philippine airlines where the pitch is short. Luckily the stewardesses just told the people in front to sit up properly for their meals, we didn't even need to ask.

Go with the flow is my attitude, sometimes you get lucky, eg six seats for two of us Melbourne to Doha. Sometimes not so, two people reclining in front of you for the whole of a 16 hour flight Manila to LHR.

I go with sit upright until lights out/overnight then recline is acceptable.


Happened to me on the only two long haul flights I've done. I'm not exactly small so it was definitely claustrophobic and I need to grab hold of something to get up out of the seat. As on the outside of 6 there were plenty of opportunities to make the selfish cow in front think her seat was going to end up horizontal. I might have been a little bit sympathetic if she had explained the situation she had first but the ignoramus just flicked the lever and her head rest was almost on my chest.