Pizza Toppings - If you're only allowed 3

Chicken Kiev

Working on a standard margarita base, so your tomato base sauce and cheese are accounted for, if you could only have 3 toppings, what would you have on it?

If the opportunity to make my own comes along, I tend to go for Pepperoni, Pineapple and Jalapeños.
It has the potential to absolutely ruin your arse, but I think it's - I believe the phrase is - "Lusheroonie"

I await the inevitable angry mob for that combination, but haters gonna hate, and I enjoy it.

So, what's your chosen 3 toppings?

gans without saying.......


Basically this. But I’d swap bacon and ham for meatballs and Nduja. Just superior versions of the same thing. Been desperate for a place that does proper chicken breast on a pizza since I left Leeds - all seems to be processed chicken that I’ve tried so far

Really love to try that, but never found one that sounded nice with an egg on

Our pizza place has a couple of cooked chickens out and baiscally peels the chicken from them straight onto the pizza




Do garlic and chilli count as actual toppings.
Do like ham, pineapple, pepperoni with chilli and garlic.
If they count id go pineapple, pepperoni and chilli I guess