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Pizza Toppings - If you're only allowed 3

Jon Dough

Cheese, anchovies, and octopus 👍


Careful now...

'Nduja is made using meat from the head (minus the jowls, which are used for guanciale), trimmings from various meat cuts, some clean skin, fatback, and roasted Calabrian chilli peppers, which give 'nduja its characteristic fiery taste.

Well... that sounds... a bit grim to be honest

Mate, they could tell me that it's aged for 6 months between the sweaty bum cheeks of an Italian Nonna, and It'd still be my number one choice!
Got to be proper chicken breast like my local pizza place does, not that diced rubbish. Ham and bacon pieces...proper meat feast
Basically this. But I’d swap bacon and ham for meatballs and Nduja. Just superior versions of the same thing. Been desperate for a place that does proper chicken breast on a pizza since I left Leeds - all seems to be processed chicken that I’ve tried so far
Egg cracked on the pizza. Love that.
Really love to try that, but never found one that sounded nice with an egg on

faith brothers

Vic and Bob sketch from early 90's On Brooksides Jimmy Corkhill doin pizzas wen he was on drugs the flavour was Ham Pineapple and Heroin or summit like that.