Pizza Toppings - If you're only allowed 3


Chicken, bacon, jalapeños. For ultimate effect though you'd need to trade the plain tomato base for a nice home made BBQ sauce one


Nahhh never. On a greek pizza!? Behave lad

Its decent man. Terrible if they hoy half a tin on it but just a few bits per slice is good
Pepperoni, Mushroom & Pineapple is decent too.

I don't get why people get offended by pineapple on a pizza. I really like it personally. Its not in my tip 3 but it comes close. Ham, pineapple, mushroom. Love it :)


Never been a fan but watching Pizza boys on bbc catch up
I'm converted
2 Welsh lads drive to Italy to enter the world championship
Road trip planned


Why don't you just hoy some dumplings on there and have done with it man!

Decent in many curries, banananananana mind
My Nan used to make Curry in the 70’s with bananas and sultanas in it. For the time it was pretty adventurous. Sounds minging now but I wish I had the recipe just for nostalgia/curiosity.
Pizza topping options-thin base, tomato/ mozzarella with either pepperoni, mushrooms and chilli if going meaty or if fishy crayfish tails, rocket and lemon oil or veggie then artichoke, asparagus and goats cheese.
Amazed how many people like pineapple on pizza. Hot fruit equals pud. ( except tomatoes obviously)
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Ham (aka Canadian bacon) and artichokes. Quite common in CA, (not me , the pizza). With 🌶️ flakes
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