Discussion in 'SMB' started by Mr.Thunders, Dec 8, 2018.

  1. Mr.Thunders

    Mr.Thunders Striker

    Is he back posting on here?

    Last seen near a Chinese takeway in Durham
  2. Slow joe

    Slow joe Midfield

    Not sure. Are you back posting on here @PISTON ?
  3. Sidewinder2

    Sidewinder2 Winger

    I wonder what happened to the fastest googler in the west that was frijj
  4. duff_man

    duff_man Striker

    Probably wanked himself to death over a pie chart
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  5. Jack Ford

    Jack Ford Winger

    My mate Piston is still alive and well
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  6. Mr.Thunders

    Mr.Thunders Striker

    Ask if he knows the age of consent in the uk
  7. yamar1

    yamar1 Striker

    Have you ever met him? Sound bloke in person tbh.
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  8. Mr.Thunders

    Mr.Thunders Striker

    I imagine he's amusing

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