Pink Slice question :)

Nookie Bear

Right up your street tbh.

There’s a whole movement on Twitter absolutely convinced that a tray bake slice of sponge cake topped with pink icing is some kind of Sunderland delicacy.

I occasionally got them with school dinners at primary school but don’t think I’ve seen one since :lol:
That’s school pink cake which is also known as Tottenham cake


Mc Coys on Chester Rd get a peach melba anarl
McCoys at Hylton Castle are the best. They used to supply the bakers at the bottom of Strawberry Bank. I spent years finding (via sampling other bakers versions) who had made them and have never looked back. They are the real McCoys!
Is this the same company? I know how to get to Chester Road :).

Must admit, I had no idea they were shortbread, the pics looked like sponge to me.
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Cooplands don't appear to do them. The Yorkshire bastards. They do a pink iced finger though. @Dendinho might be able to shed some light on this.