Pick up Trucks

Get yersell one of these. I 'm seriously considering getting one.

Know some of the lads who do them.

The Deranged workshops are about 2 miles away.

My neighbour rents a couple of units to them and a lad a drink with swapped his ranger Rover for one

Main market doing Ford Ranger Wildtraks but do a superb upgraded Jeep Wrangler. My neighbour borrowed one for his daughters Prom

daventry cat

Classed as a commercial vehicle, cheap BIK.

Can legitimately avoid quite a bit of tax.
theyre flat rate tax..... it was one of the reasons i had one as a a company car, the load carrying became incredibly useful over time. Used to do 70+k in a nissan per annum never missed a beat tbf


It's years and years since I last checked, but I found them to be ridiculously expensive for what you get when I looked into it. Cheap option everywhere else in the world though.