Photos of sporting events and competitors I'm and around Sunderland

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Old boy racer

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We may not be allowed to participate in sports but let's see events you have participated in for you community/ the town/city in the past.
Not events I've participated in, but during lockdown I've been starting to get some of my footie photos online. Quite a lot of non-league stuff, usually local. Bit of a mixed bag, mind, but feel free to browse:

Sunderland RCA - Sunderland RCA (Album) / Clickasnap (mostly from an FA Cup tie against Garforth a couple of seasons back)
Easington Colliery - Easington Colliery vs Holker Old Boys, 2019 (Album) / Clickasnap - FA Vase tie earlier this season
Workington - Workington vs Basford, 2019 (Album) / Clickasnap - league game last season when it looked like their ground was on its way out
The Stanks, Berwick - Berwick Charities Cup 2019 (Album) / Clickasnap - summer amateur tournament, played next to the ramparts in Berwick