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Discussion in 'Photography discussion' started by Lonz, Jun 5, 2017.

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    Are all of the pictures on your instagram page yours? If not, did you pay/give credit to the originals?

    Also, that same image is all over the web. Are all these you?
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    I post hundreds of pictures from google on forums every week with no idea of where they're coming from. In this day and age I think it'll be a struggle for photographers to keep an eye on where their work is getting posted.

    Good luck. Nice pics btw, and your lass is a massive wad. :cool:
  4. Watermark them or make your insta account private
  5. Lonz

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    They were already watermarked at the maximum size I'd be happy with. It's a profile I use for marketing as well so can't really make it private. Just an occupational hazard I've decided.
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    Shame when this happens. Without going in to details (since I'm not sure whether I'm allowed to) I know someone who had a photo they took of a politician become politically relevant a few decades later. It was ripped straight from their (private) website, all watermarks and digital watermarks stripped, and used by a major newspaper in a cover story without any credit. It went viral and was re-posted all over the internet and news (still without payment and credit). In the end they managed to chase it up and get payment from the newspaper, but basically a token fee.

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