Photo software for windows 10 laptop....?


Reet then. Im starting to get into the digi photography recently but as my macbooks almost full with music I’ve decided to put my photos onto a toshiba windows laptop we have spare. It’s got the standard “photos” software for windows ten which doesn’t look up to much tbh.
Can anyone recommend me another that does all the basics like storage, cropping, messing round with colour etc? Sorry I don’t know the techie terms. Obviously I want to pay as little as possible incase this turns out to be a fad.


The Gaffer
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Did your camera not come with some software on CD? Most come with something that does what you describe.

Gimp, as mentioned above is free, Faststone has some basic features and Affinity Photo is good value when they have their regular sales (download the trial and wait for the next sale if you like it!).


Cheers. Gimp was mentioned at work as well. I’ll give it a go.
Sony Nex 7 was bought body only style used at about half of eBay price to allow sharing of lenses with Mrs riffs nex5 so had no cd. I’m sure Mrs raffs cd should work though?

Took what I thought were great shots at whipsnade zoo on a very sunny day at the weekend. So sunny that you couldn’t make em out on viewing outdoors. When we went for a bite to eat it revealed the animals themselves wer great but the grass behind was “bleached”. Messed around with settings and from then on it was good but it started raining so I couldn’t go back to retake the duff ones.
A good lesson for a novice. It’ll stick in my head more than book learning it.