Pet Shop Boys

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  1. Nope - not into pop.
  2. Dmac1969

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    This , with honourable mentions to “What Have I Done To Deserve This” , “Oppertunities (Lets Make Lots Of Money)” “Suburbia” and “Donino Dancing”

    Incidentally there is a Swedish Girl PSB Tribute group called “West End Girls” who do some good cover versions of their stuff , and the Blonde keyboard player is a WAD.

    Me as well , except I must be double double as I saw the tour at the SoL and the Olympienstadion in Munich :)

    This. Love Erasure me , their first 3 albums , Wonderland , The Circus and The Innocents are absolute classics.
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  3. cruze

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    Documentary on Sky Arts catch up shows the Swedish girls
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  4. Teed

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    Fucking awful.
  5. In The Night - love that tune, reminds me of the The Clothes Show, which was also class BTW.....I'm not gay either

    The documentary on Sky Arts is worth a watch for any PSB fan......

    I'm also a massive fan of Erasure.......
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  6. I love this song.

    Me too.
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  7. mini-x2

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    The PSB are purveyors of fantastic pop music. Haven’t went out of my way to listen to anything by them since the nineties but when you compare their stuff to the god awful charts of today, they sound majestic. Chris Lowe was the best dressed bloke in the world back in the day too.
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  8. riffraff

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    The auld rock farts are out in force on this one.:lol:
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  9. MFK_FTM

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    I was a bit gutted when the latest headliner release for Benicassim festival was the Pet Shop Boys, I’d thought about selling my tickets. A few people have said they do a canny show and I thought they were ok in the 80s, probably watch them when there on though.
  10. Barnacle Boy

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    Mag cockrats.
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  11. Deano

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    Left To My Own Devices is immense
  12. lots of good tunes

    being boring
    Always on my mind

    good for their time to be fair
  13. joemcdokes

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    I love to hate you. I don't really

    That was on at half time in my first ever away match, Sheff United 1986.
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  14. hawaymadlad

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    In The Night
    It's a Sin
    Was It Worth It?
  15. joemcdokes

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    It's alright is a cracking track but not theirs.
  16. Laeotaekhun

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  17. Dinsdale

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    Love comes quickly is one of my all time favourite tunes of all time there.
  18. seahamstar

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    Didn't listen to them that much, but i thought this song was really good
  19. willowbankbear

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    Mind the time they turned up at the brits dressed up as trawlermen and were fucking woeful , the guys singing was dire , made me howl with laughter
  20. Jasper

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    Counting coins on the counter of the 7-11 from a quarter past six til a quarter to seven, the manager Bevan starts to abuse me hey man I just want some muesli.

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