Pet Shop Boys

Discussion in 'SMB' started by T_Bone, Mar 11, 2018.

  1. T_Bone

    T_Bone Striker

    I like them. I'm not gay. Do you like them ?

    What's your favourite song by them ?
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  2. Aye.
    West End Girls
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  3. Andy_Roker1983

    Andy_Roker1983 Striker

    Doesn’t suprise me at all.

    Absolute shite. And you called me for taking the bairn to see little mix, at least there was something worth looking at.
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    Love em

    Not gay either

    It’s a sin
    Can you forgive her
    West end girls
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  5. StripedPaddy

    StripedPaddy Winger

    Had you down as ‘a bit high on your heels’ Rodders , glad to see that refutation.
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  6. Love em, Being Boring, especially the Marshall Jefferson mix

    And Kings Cross
  7. T_Bone

    T_Bone Striker

    I haven't a clue what @ Striped Paddy is on about, as usual, Andy Roker likes little mix so he can feck off forever , credibility shot.
    I like this...........
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  8. Mallard

    Mallard Winger

    Being Boring. It does annoy me that Neil Tennent doesnt get the praise locally when you compare some of the other famous folk from the north east
  9. miltonunez9

    miltonunez9 Winger

  10. Dave Herbal

    Dave Herbal Striker

  11. Jack Wolforskin

    Jack Wolforskin Midfield

    Just sold his house outside of Wolsi. Lovely place.
  12. Love them, not as much as erasure though.
  13. becs

    becs Striker

    Used to love playing this on my Walkman (then turning the cassette over and trying to guess how much to fast forward it so I could listen to it again)

  14. CollingwoodFTM

    CollingwoodFTM Striker

    I am a rock music fan, but my guilty music pleasure is the Pet Shop Boys. It’s a Sin is my fav.

    I have a 50 year record of unbroken heterosexuality.
  15. Wrong uns
  16. Narraback

    Narraback Striker

    Fantastic tune.

    I seen them when they were supporting Take That so that makes me double gay :cool:
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  17. cluffy

    cluffy Striker

    Hideously bad. Almost as shit as Robbie Williams or something. Smug crap
  18. the dark one

    the dark one Winger

    I like lots of their tracks.suburbia, domino dancing west end girls to name a few .
    Any ideas why they named the pet shop boys mate.....:lol:
  19. T_Bone

    T_Bone Striker

    No. Enlighten us.
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