Personal details given to online scam

Discussion in 'SMB' started by LineMonkey, Dec 6, 2018.

  1. Or at least his RTG account
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    Sebby McSebface
  4. Move.
    Burn down old house.
    Push car in river.

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    What? Where? Ffs
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    Good work posting the link like, all part of the scam no doubt!
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    Thanks lads, I was a bit slow off the mark (I have a cold) but the link has now been deleted.
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    This ^ @LineMonkey
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    I watched this the other day. Scary how easy it is to steal your details.

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    The gaffer @Roger and @AB22 Easy Tiger are pretty switched on with this sort of thing and may be able to offer some advice beyond 'formatting the fucker'.
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    I'm deleting my cookies and everything right now.
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    So when will I get my voucher?
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    It's my name suggestion.

    Pics McWadnt has a nice ring to it though.
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  15. I have signed up to clear score - ta for the link - but I can’t remember making 3 searches for loans in December 2017. How can I find out if someone was trying something naughty? Or I was trying to buy a motorbike while drunk?
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    Thanks for advice so far.
    Hopefully not too serious as pointed out by @Unbalanced Views name, address, phone no pretty accessible.
    Passwords changed on her e-mail and social media, and cookies deleted from her phone.
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  17. Contact the company who did the searches and ask them.

    Sometimes if you've been looking for quotes, they do a soft search to check you out before you apply.
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  18. Ok thanks I might have been looking for car finance offers, if it happens again I will have a ponder.
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    Ahhhhh. Thought I’d nicked someone else’s idea.
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    Can you put me in touch with your lass please good sir. I’m a Nigerian prince and I have a favour to ask of her for which she will be rewarded greatly.
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