Persona 5 Royal

Ended up getting Royal version. 120 hours later platinum.

Brilliant game. Definitely justifies the 10/10 ratings. Only this and The Witcher 3 could keep my same level of interest after 100 hours

Anyone played Persona 5 Strikers?
Not yet, will pick it up eventually.

Currently doing the end run of the original game, so at the arse end of December now. Still need to do the additional Royal months. Will get the plat as long as I clock it, done all of the missable ones.

CBA with NG+ for the thieves den stuff.
Edit: I just realised you can twat people when sprinting all of the time, not just when you're driving Mona. :oops:

Into the Royal stuff now, the narrative is really good. I wish more of the original game had bad guys that weren't cartoonishly evil, I'm somewhat on this lads side.
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