Peregrine Falcon

Chiffchaff in water bath this Morning and taking insects in the acer tree.
So shy and very rarely get close to them as they never settle.
No doubt will be making their long migration before winter sets in.


Chiffchaff in water bath this Morning and taking insects in the acer tree.
So shy and very rarely get close to them as they never settle.
No doubt will be making their long migration before winter sets in.
Given the thread theme, reading that was like watching an episode of Casualty when you know something bad is going to happen. I was expecting the bathing chiffchaff to be ruthlessly killed so its nice to read it survived its bath
Buzzards are known to hover, especially in strong winds. I've seen a couple lately around the Copt Hill and Warden Law doing it. That could be what you saw👍
Seen buzzards hovering on many occasions. Never as still in the air or for as long as a kestrel, but definitely capable of hovering into the wind.

We get Marsh Harriers round the lagoons in Brittany patrolling over the reed beds. Beautiful creatures to just kick back on the beach with a pair of binoculars and watch them go about their business.
Had 2 Peregrine Falcons in Wheatley Hill a couple of weeks ago, occasional visitors. Local Little Owl still about. Had a Long Eared Owl and Short Eared Owl at Blackhall 2-3, weeks ago also. Ring Ouzel, Redstart, Goldcrest and Redwing and a Masked Shrike in Hartlepool 2 weeks ago. Plenty to see locally. Buzzards, Kestrel, Long Tailed Tit, Teal, Snipe, Jack Snipe, Goldcrest all local with Redwing also local as well. Stonechats in Wheatley Hill this last month as well, not seen here for many years prior to this last month
I didn't know that there was buzzards in the NE.
Seen them in Wales and thought I saw one in London once.
Buzzards are the most common bird of prey round here now. Loads of them about. Brilliant to see

took this late afternoon - stonechat, wheatley hill 16-10-20

2 peregrine falcons - wheatley hill - 2nd october 2020

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Barnacle Boy

Watched them the last two times I've been in York. Nesting up in the towers of the Minster

Was down thirsk the other week watching 7 buzzards through the binoculars ircling above us. Was class


I wouldn’t have said so. It was massive. I’ve not seen an owl this big previously. It was probably twice that of a tawny owl, but I’ll also concede I’m not that clued up on owl species.
Short eared Owls have quite large wingspan and they come to coastal areas in droves at this time of year (Winter migrant) They do prefer open grassland and they are ground nester also. Unusual to see in woodland unless on 'passage'. Tawney Owl has a shorter, rounded wing shape. 2 great places to watch them (Short Eared) hunt during the day are: Prestwick Carr (next to the skunk airport) and Burdon Moor (Other side of Tanfield Railway)

Had some great days watching them (up to 3 individuals at any one time) quarter the paddocks and had one close encounter where I was hunkered down in the thicket and one hovered 4 feet over my head for what seemed like a lifetime. Time kind of stood still..

I got a cracking distance photo of two 'fighting' in mid air :)

I've seen Peregrines in Turin, Newcastle and Wharton Cragin Lancs(Near Morcamb Bay) Such a powerful and graceful bird.

We were at the top of La Mole tower in Turin and there was a cleaning lady sweeping up all the bits of pigeon carcass and feathers up off the viewing gantry and I said to the missus "That's the work of a Pergrine"!! We got a great views of them circling the tower when we were at ground level later in the evening. Brilliant. As a birder, you always feel smug when are right :)

Goat Eyes

I had the pleasure of an owl scramble out of some woods and into the path of my car a few weeks back. It reacted almost seamlessly and took flight directly along the road I was driving. It’s wingspan was about 2m and it was completely silent in flight.
Would you expect to hear a bird flapping it’s wings from within your car?


Saw one hunting over the cliffs from the coastal path just north of Whitburn Comp in September. Saw a pair at High Cup Nick earlier in the summer. There‘S a resident pair above the main entrance to Kings Cross Station and also in the big church next to the Premier Inn in the centre of Aberdeen.


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Saw a Kestrel for the first time in ages on Saturday at Herrington Park. It hovered and swooped down on something, then was getting hassled off a seagull over whatever it had caught.