Pep to juve

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  1. Ah, but this is coatigan-related. I don't believe he was wearing them in Munich. Probably a full-on anorak there.

    And Manchester (Jan average 4.5C) is milder than Turin (Jan average 2.1C).

    My name's John Kettley. Good night.
  2. This. Then will probably go to Juventus or PSG
  3. Its Sunderland, Sunderland AFC...
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  4. The Rat

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    Whatever they are paying him, it’s not enough
  5. The Situation

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    The net seems to be closing on City in terms of financial irregularities and his reaction to that question after the FA Cup final said a lot.

    Pep may want to get out of there soon if he has something to be worried out.
  6. Honess10

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    This won’t happen but what is the challenge in going to another top team. Why not challenge himself by taking a mid table club and seeing how much success you can get without the resources. But still enough resources not to make success totally impossible. So you could say for example a West Ham or an Everton. Then if you got them winning honours and doing well in the champions league surely you can retire going well yeah I actually am the fucking daddy.
  7. Jelly Belly

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    With you, I can't abide Liverpool but over the course of 38 games they've pushed City all the way losing only one game and making the Champions League final after spanking Barcelona 4-0, it's definitely debatable as to which of those two sides could be classed as being the best side in Europe
  8. Bear

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    Nar how can you be the best side in Europe when you cant even win your own league :lol::lol::lol::lol:
  9. Jelly Belly

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    But we are debating it so I'm right ;)
  10. Bear

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