People with ivy all over their houses

Discussion in 'SMB' started by What A Waster, May 14, 2019.

  1. ErichZann

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    Great film btw :)
  2. sima-hebburn

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    house i pass in springwell , had sold but nee one moved in, been done up now

  3. Gillythedilf

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    Render ,especially that brick render abortion looks Shan like .

    Wrong country to have it in as it turns minging within a couple of year.

    Render .
    Fake grass .
    Ganny Cladding in the bathroom .
    Solar Panels .
    Conservatories.(especially )
    Laminate flooring.
    Electric fires.
    White six panel doors with brass handles .

    Are all a sign the occupants of the house are 60 plus.
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  4. Goat Eyes

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    I agree with all above.

    Render looks nice for a while then people don’t bother trying to keep it nice.
  5. Gillythedilf

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    Impossible to keep it nice che in the uk ,Mother Nature and damp weather here put pay to that .
    It’s expensive as owt like and can’t see the attraction,was a last resort onetime of hiding shite brickwork now it’s being put on as a 1st choice .

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  6. SAFCOldie

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    Not as good a look as bricks according to some !
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  7. Our Wisteria is in flower now. Looks topper but it’s a bugger if you let it get under the facia boards
  8. Churchlanelad

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    Advice from the RHS, hopefully useful:

    Self-clinging climbers such as Boston ivy and Virginia creeper (Parthenocissus sp.) do not usually cause damage to wall surfaces, but common or English ivy (Hedera helix sp.) supports itself by aerial roots and where these penetrate cracks or joints they may cause structural damage. Sound masonry is unaffected.

    Its dense cover can hide defects in the fabric of the building and hinder maintenance work. Ivy may also provide access for intruders and harbour pests such as mice.

    Where brickwork is sound, the main problem is to keep growth away from gutters and paint work.

    It has been suggested that vegetation attached to walls could lead to dampness resulting from slower drying conditions following rain. This may be plausible on a south-west facing wall where the rain is driven by prevailing winds. However, other sources suggest that such plants will have a slight drying effect on mortar and will also provide some degree of insulation in winter, particularly evergreen ivies covering exposed north and east-facing walls.

    Large climbers can pose a risk to buildings. Such problems are most likely with older property, those with shallow foundations and those built on clay soils.
    • Ivy can be killed by severing the stem and treating the stump with a proprietary stump and rootkiller based on glyphosate (e.g. Roundup Tree Stump & Rootkiller, SBM Job done Tough Tree Stump Killer (soluble sachet only), Doff Tree Stump & Tough Weedkiller and Westland Resolva Extra Tough Weedkiller, Westland Deep Root Ultra Tree Stump & Weedkiller) or triclopyr (Vitax SBK Brushwood Killer)
    • Top growth may be treated with glyphosate or triclopyr also, but ivy is not easily controlled by weedkiller sprays due to the glossy nature of its leaves. Repeat application may be necessary. Once the foliage has been killed, it can be pulled from the wall
    Dead foliage and stems are relatively easy to remove from walls but aerial roots are persistent and can only be removed using a hard brush or paint scraper.
  9. niceonemarra

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    Just ripped it all away from the wall, found an empty birds nest in there.
  10. tenpins

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    Lad next door bought it.
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  11. Kevj

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    That looks like someone has wallpapered the outside of the house with fake grass.
  12. I would check down the back of that chair for money like.
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  13. MackneyHackem

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    That’s not exactly what I have in mind when I think of a house with ivy mind.

    I’m thinking a nice cottage in the sticks somewhere.
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  14. Horley Chorley

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    :lol: :lol: :lol:
  15. the boot

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    Longmeadows houses are terrible to start with the bricks are shit and blow in the winter. Done loads.
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  16. Looks great on mine I think..

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  17. We have ivy arl over 1 gable end . Looks nice and gives the birdys somewhere to live . I don't give a fuck about what it does to the warl, I'm 68 .

    You need some on that right hand gable to equal thing up I think mate . That house is even bigger than mine . But a lot smaller than the houses owned most people on here.
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  18. I'll get my gardening team right on it. ;):lol:
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  19. CEF

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    Might be spiders in it as well :eek:
  20. yyy

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    I knew an Ivy a few years ago. She was all clingy and all over they place getting to places you wouldn't imagine .

    I wad again and again and again.

    She was a Burlesque dancer for reference. :D
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