People with ivy all over their houses


What's the deal there? Like living in a bush.
Any benefit other than looking like your house is in camouflage?
I'd imagine their houses get full of insects whenever they open the windows. Seems like extra work as well, having to trim the front of your house so you don't get your windows covered in a plant. I think it looks ridiculous.
sign of swingers.


Had it all up the gable end and outhouse when I bought this place, right fucker of a job getting it down, filled a full council cage with it, nightmare.


We have it growing on the garden shed and up the tree (which is dead) next to the shed.

Was planted way before I bought the house but is probably the only thing keep the fence upright.

When I eventually get the money together to do put the garden properly i will take great delight seeing the stuff ripped down.


My neighbour has it growing on my garage wall which is facing her garden. I go up and cut it back now and again but the wall is never dry and grows in between the felt and into the garage.

Why anyone would want it is beyond me. Looks shit.
Spray it with glyphosate when its growing mate ;)

Fuckers who have plants on their fence that decide to grow through the fence are ignorant fuckers anarl

No I haven’t mentioned it to him because I’m a coward
Again, when its actively growing, spray the leaves on your side with glyphosate.

No more issues ;)
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It's nice if it's well maintained. The problem is it grows so quickly that a lot of people either can't be bothered or don't have the resources.