People with BMWs


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Had a look at some YouTube vids and on some car forums, and you're right (never know who or what to believe on here).

I'll give it a go! Can you recommend a decent adhesive remover?
I got an auto glym cleaning kit with my car so once the badges were off I used the tar remover out of that. I got the thick bits off with a bit of heat and my bank card, then a micro fibre cloth and the tar remover for the rest. Doesn’t take long at all.


It’s well known that’s how to remove car badges mind. Try not to scrub the glue too hard when the badge is off or you’ll scratch the car.
Not that in to cars but just seen that the new Mini Cooper Works has the engine that's going in the new 135. 306 hp. 0-60 in 4.7 seconds