People who set off fireworks

Discussion in 'SMB' started by PhilSAFC, Nov 2, 2018.

  1. Thebumble

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    BONFIRE Night is completely different nowadays. A previous poster was right! Kids taking the afternoon off school (dolling) so they could pinch wood. One of the lads dads owned a fruiters so we got all of the crates.. was massive! Families gathered on the field enjoying it together, followed by some blackened half black spud from the embers.

    Nowadays, unfortunately kids would rather just light a torch on Minecraft or some shite!
  2. lenshack

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    This elderly and his hound are enjoying the action.

    I Suggest all you boring pain in the arse spoilsports stuff some cotton wool in your lugs and go stick your heeds under a pillow till it’s all ower.
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  3. yamar1

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    and dont forget the 15 year olds on their cub 90 field bikes. anti social behaviour at its highest. git hard though.:lol:
  4. Teed

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    They didn't have those back in the 1966 like, 250 Triumph Tiger Cub, or Matchless 350, though the matchless was a bit to big for my legs, had to sell it for a BSA..ya cannit be git hard when ya 13 riding around a disused airstrip, no one around to bother either, so not anti social, but It did allow me to grow tired of bikes by the time I was 14 and six months later I was working, so didn't have the time to fuck about anyway..;)
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  5. mcq10

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    Same problem here.

    Baby can’t settle with the noise and the four year old is wired with excitement at all the bangs and explosions.

    Going to lend the neighbours dog to make it a hatrick.....
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  6. yamar1

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    actually they did.

    sorry it wasnt for you. some people enjoy motorcycling, some dont, usualy the people who have never ridden. quite an enjoyable hobby tbh, never too late to give it another wirl you know. nothing better than heading out on a sunny day on the open roads for a spin. do you have any hobbies apart from safc?
  7. Arkle

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    Elderly cat is doing okay so far. Spent some time in her little house (igloo bed) when the fireworks got loud and now sleeping on my lap and purring.
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  8. Teed

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    I know mate, just having a laugh man, SAFC isn't an hobby, it's an affliction...;) yes I've got plenty to keep me busy, so no time for anymore tbh, my car gets me from A to B and that does for me, not really interested in cars or bikes, enjoy the bike mate..;)
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  9. oROSSo

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    9 o clock man. Takes a special kind of twat to be still setting them off now
  10. yamar1

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    cheers Teed. it is that.:)
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  11. Teed

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    It's still like Bagdad around here, 1 . 30 last night when they finished.
  12. Bob Fleming

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    Still some absolute twats setting them off around Roker at 9.15. It's a fucking school night man you arse clags.
  13. CEF

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    How much money to people eat / drink, "waste" during celebrations. It's just life.
  14. cluffy

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    Ooh it's bonfire night!
    Ooh it's Halloween!
    Ooh it's black friday!
    Ooh Xmas eve !!
    Ooh mothers day!
    Ooh Valentine's day!!
    Ooh xmas! New years.....blah blah blah..

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  15. lenshack

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    Except all of those already existed long before Supermarkets came on the scene.

    Good to see that the vast majority of folk have stuck to the traditional date for their fireworks and bonfires.
  16. mcq10

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  17. Teed

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    I wouldn't say eating and drinking are a waste, they're essential, unless people are over indulging and if the truth be known, those that do so are more than likely the same people that are burning their money on bonfire night, the postive side of it is, it's their money that's gone up in smoke, so maybe one less trampoline in a front garden, or less vodka bottles smashed on the pavements, the negative side is there for all to enjoy, the polluted air and the health problems that brings, the house fires and hospital admisions etc. anyway the bulk of it is over now, we only have to put up with the scroats wandering the streets, setting of the odd one until Febuary...:cool:
  18. The Great MES

    The Great MES Winger

    It was like Aleppo round ours last night, wankers
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  19. Keawyeds

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    I remember when I was younger watching the fireworks and going to the bonfire in Bishop. It was usually a pretty good night. Some of the displays set to music etc. It was well attended and I think the rotary did it. They were there with collection buckets anyway.

    I always thought on the way back home if any one set a few off in their own back garden or something was a bit pathetic. There's just been a massive display, why on earth would you want to set some off yourself?
    Waste of money and you just look like a tit.

    The way I see it, the amount of people who are buying them probably shouldn't be. The amount of irresponsible use of them is beyond a joke. More than likely people are pissed.
    I saw a sign that said "Fireworks from 99p" the other day. That's just an accident waiting to happen.
    I'm not saying that people should be priced out of buying them, but it would be better if there were just organised big displays rather than the blitz for 4 nights on the fucking bounce.
  20. HABA87

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    The ones I saw in Tesco were 2 boxes for £30 with 15-18 in each box, so 99p isn't that radical, although obviously being sold as a single unit isn't great.
    Less than a quid a bang seems to be the going rate. [insert joke here]

    Sales are licenced and should by law be to 18+ only. Whether or not that actually happens...

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