People who set off fireworks

Discussion in 'SMB' started by PhilSAFC, Nov 2, 2018.

  1. are they all attention seeking wankers? What’s the fucking point in fireworks at home. They are absolutely shite for a start. Get a life ffs.
  2. Kevj

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  3. I came back on r and r from a tour of Iraq right around bonfire night, safe to say I now hate fireworks, I remember standing at the bus stop in biddick hall waiting for the bus, was going to meet the lads for a few pints and then the fireworks started, shit myself lol
  4. MackemBob

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    I think they are pyrotechnicians.
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  5. oROSSo

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    Everyone is an attention seeking wanker on here
  6. Goat Eyes

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    Setting mine off for the family on Sunday.

    Lock your pets up.
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  8. mcq10

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    Still can’t understand why we allow explosives to be sold tbh.

    Called into the little Asda on the felling bypass driving home tonight. Some fat fucking skiprat chav spent 85 quid on fireworks ffs.

    On top of that is Bonfire night and Diwali. It’s going to be like fucking the D day landings round our way over the next few days :evil:
  9. True but my neighbour is setting them off when he knows we have babies asleep. Surely well within my rights kick a firework straight up his arse?
  10. Billy Batts

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    Well said Pip. Scum, subhuman scum.
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    Just got back from Seahams. Urgh.
  12. Patch

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    In a strange cross-over with Wilfy's car woes, there was an story in last night's Echo. The pollis caught a couple of young lads, one drinking battery acid and the other eating fireworks. I think they were up in court today.
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  13. Wilfy

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    Charged one and let the other one off?
  14. Wasn’t even arsed about them as a kid. A lad I knew had his face melted off with a firework so just had zero appeal after that.
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  15. The Voice Of Reason

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    Hate the bastard things me
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    Never a fan. Displays are okay but get a bit boring once you've seen two or three. Fireworks at home just seem daft. There's a rocket, there's a rocket, there's a rocket, there's a rocket that's broken the shed window and set fire to the lawnmower.
  17. oROSSo

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    I shut the door on some trick or treaters the other night cause they were too loud. Little pricks
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  18. mcq10

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    We’ve had the fire brigade and police in assemblies all this week telling the more stupid fuckers among our cohort the dangers of fireworks.

    I guarantee the majority of thier parents have spent hundreds of pounds in the things

    Even the video showing the lad who’s hands had been blasted off won’t deter them
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  19. The Voice Of Reason

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    Sat in the dark till they all pissed off us
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  20. We used to play 6 a side football near an estate in Stockton and the scruffy little bastards used to fire them at us and run off. Brainless....

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