Pasta Carbonara

Basic rations for the rest of the week mate, the short term? build up to it

Chilli CC here.
The week starts on Monday.
So Tuesday onwards will have to be discussed with Mrs Coat.
Maybe a paella sonetime
Oh lovely, scrambled egg pasta!

Never apply heat after the eggs go in. Let them cook to a silky coating with the heat of the pan with a fairly vigorous stirring. Takes 30 seconds max.

But definitely no cream
I know.
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How to make a perfect Bolognese is always likely to result in fights on here so what about this other Italian classic?

Onions was something I didnt use until I saw that bird on master chef do it.

Cream or not?

Any pasta type you dont use?

Egg yolks only of course.
Just stop right there
Its spaghetti or tagliolini only...or just make macn'cheese :p:cool:


Like a but penne myself
The frogs do this small tube pasta called coquillette. Superb for baked pasta dishes.

They also do this thing called crozet. Basically you fry some lardons make a cream sauce. Toss it all in a baking dish and throw a Camembert sliced down the middle lengthways on top