Parents/Grandparents Cleaning Your House

It's not something mine ever did for me (after I moved out) but I've known a few people over the years who had their parents (retired) who would regularly clean their house each week and do washing,ironing and stuff.

Growing up a mates gran used to bus over from Sunderland to clean his parents house from top to bottom. Always thought it was a way to be nosey myself.

Is it just a north east thing?

I'd hate the idea of my folks or outlaws poking around my kip finding skid-marked undies and used connies arl owa.
I had a flat from being 18 and did everything myself. I had to hand-wash my clothes in the bath


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My nana who owned a laundrette before retiring does everyone’s washing on occasion like, if she pops up - which is quite rare - she will take our dirty washing and return it the next day. She makes your clothes feel brand new again smelling proper lush, socks come back bright white and ironed it’s class

not an every day thing like


My dad didn't have a washing machine for years, used to take his dirty clothes to my nanna's to wash until he was well into his 40's, absolutely f***ing ridiculous!

Worked with a lad on a ship who wasn't all there tbh, he was telling me about his lass back home. He bought her a dishwasher as her mam apparently used to come round to clean up for her but sometimes she couldn't make it. He would come home and they'd be days and days of piled up dirty dishes in the sink. Asked her why she didn't do it and he said she was busy with her job, she's a mental health nurse - he didn't click on when I asked him if he had met her at work.