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Parents/Grandparents Cleaning Your House


It's not something mine ever did for me (after I moved out) but I've known a few people over the years who had their parents (retired) who would regularly clean their house each week and do washing,ironing and stuff.

Growing up a mates gran used to bus over from Sunderland to clean his parents house from top to bottom. Always thought it was a way to be nosey myself.

Is it just a north east thing?

I'd hate the idea of my folks or outlaws poking around my kip finding skid-marked undies and used connies arl owa.

My gran arlways did me mam n dad's house like, but they only lived half a dozen houses away round the corner, and me gran was always on the move n busy


I moved out of the house at 16 to join the army and after 5 years I lived I'm my own house. My mam had a key and did all my washing for years taking it with her to was and dry! I had a washer but she "liked hers better" hahaha I've only ever been back home once and I hated it and couldn't wait to get in my own place ( I'd sold my flat and it was taking longer than we thought for the other house to be finished)

faith brothers

When my kids were young n my mother used to come round to babysit them we had to clean/tidy all cupboards otherwise when kids went to bed she would clean and tidy them.