Panasonic FZ38

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thoughts on this camera? or recommendations to similar ones in the same sort of price range. looking for a good bridge camera for around 200 quid.


bridge cameras are canny and that ones a good un but wouldn't you rather shell out a bit extra for a dslr?
bridge cameras are canny and that ones a good un but wouldn't you rather shell out a bit extra for a dslr?
wouldn't know where to start with one mate. Just learning so I figured the bridge was the way forward for now. Just gonna be a hobby so I dont really want to be lugging big equipment around.


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The Canon G range are by far my fav 'bridge' cameras.

Much more expensive though. You can get older models for a similar price on ebay however


I'd reccommend either a good bridge or a cheap second hand DSLR. I've bought both and find that I'm using the Canon G11 more than the Nikon D90 just beacuse it's easier, like you say lugging an SLR can be a bitch.

If I want to go out with the camera I take an SLR, if i'm away etc I take the G11. The amount of photos taken on the G11 in a day is more than the D90 in a month.

Horses for courses I guess :lol:

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You might want to check out the FujiFilm S range too. I had an S7000 for a few years before I bought my first DSLR and got some of my best shots with it.


has a damn fine macro mode..some of mine from a friends back garden at the weekend in sunny aberdeen

I find the camera a good mix..I was going to get a tz10 compact but the fz38 zoom is superb plus the fact that you can tinker with shutter speed etc makes it a bit more interesting than a straight compact..couple that with the awesome price you can get it at...its a bit bilkier than the tz10 though but I can get it it my waterproofs map pocket still

video quality is excellent as well

I wasnt ready to make the jump to full blown digital SLR yet..but this camera has set me on the path I suspect

obe downside is the panasonic raw2 that it can shoot isnt supported by iphoto yet so if you are mac based its not ideal..the camera does come with its own software but its a bit clunky compared to lightroom or even iphoto

photoshop does support it though I Think with an adobe plug in thats freely downloadable

not many 200 quid cameras will give you RAW files
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Yeah I know what it is I just wondered if it's good or bad on this model. One of the things I dislike most about my current camera, impossible to take pics of out that's moving.

Cheers mate. I take it you find it good though


yup, I bought it primarily to sit in my fishing bag, I always missed a superzoom when I had a compact

it starts up quickly which is important when trying to capture wildlife

I would dearly love an SLR but at the moment cannot justify the cost (not the camera itself, but the additional lenses to satisfy my needs, but I feel I would then need to devote more time to the photography than my fishing! it starts to eat into other hobbies then!)

its acts like a compact when you want it to, but if you want to faff around then it lets you do that as well..though it will never be as good as a true SLR. but it can be more flexible in a smaller body

I just checked the usual review sites and it was a straight choice between this and canons own effort..I got mine for 218 quid though from amazon the FZ100 was or is imminent so they were clearing them out!...hard to find a camera that shoots RAW at that price which swung it for me

used this site to compare
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