Overrated players?

Discussion in 'Pure Football' started by safcrob, May 21, 2019.

  1. mart

    mart Striker

    In 11-12? :eek:
  2. robbied1

    robbied1 Striker

    Yep, in the world
  3. manamamackem

    manamamackem Winger

    I fear he is, marra;)

    Ricardo Gabbiadini, and I'll raise you Lee Camp:lol:
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  4. Rip Van Fish

    Rip Van Fish Striker

    Milton Nunez

    Paraded on the pitch when we signed him
  5. Whitburnmakem

    Whitburnmakem Goalkeeper

    Please remove safc from your username
  6. Watmore can I say

    Watmore can I say Goalkeeper

    Kompany good player but hardly Beckenbaeur, some of the replies on here man you'd think you'd shit on a National Express.

    Why should he do that?

    I'd disagree with that like, he wasn't shit but I could name 10 better centre halves worldwide, probably 5 in the Premier league in his time.
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  7. Southcoast Mackem

    Southcoast Mackem Full Back

    Nicolas medina
  8. mart

    mart Striker

    When he was at his best? Absolutely no chance.
  9. Watmore can I say

    Watmore can I say Goalkeeper

    In his time? Terry, Puyol and Ramos out of his league. This season Van Dijk has been miles ahead in the PL.
  10. mart

    mart Striker

    I was talking about him at his best though. He hasn’t been at his best for years now. He was outstanding when he was.


    Honeyman and gooooocccchh
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  12. Hodgie1979

    Hodgie1979 Central Defender

    Kompany is one of the best defenders the prem has seen fgs and neymar aye reeto mate...
  13. Watmore can I say

    Watmore can I say Goalkeeper

    Pique, Umtiti and Chiellini.
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  14. concert party

    concert party Goalkeeper

    I did, she was alreet anarl.....probably helped :rolleyes:
  15. JL1985

    JL1985 Winger

    I agree with Neymar being overrated. He's good but not even close to being one of the best in the world.
  16. Seaham Towny

    Seaham Towny Winger

    Kompany is brilliant

    Neymar is also but a twat

    Overrated? Pogba
  17. naughtynose

    naughtynose Striker

    Marcus Rashford
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  18. hank evans

    hank evans Striker

    Still waiting for him to keep one of them stupid free kicks in the ground
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  19. concert party

    concert party Goalkeeper

    Loads of players are overated by the media now. The ex players/commentators calling everyone world class.

    Same with England. Talk shite, especially the ginger prick, always states so and so should be playing for England yet only 11 can be picked.

    He was wetting his knickers a few year ago over Barkley, stating he was world class.........aye, fuck was he, or is he.
  20. WillD

    WillD Striker

    He didn't do it on a warm night in Liverpool.

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