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Our owners

Discussion in 'Pure Football' started by Hongkongphooey, Jul 14, 2019.

  1. Hongkongphooey

    Hongkongphooey Striker

    Not doing too bad now are they, some cracking business and showing that spending millions isn’t always the answer.
  2. hank williams

    hank williams Striker

    You've been sniffing at my jack Daniels :lol:
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  3. SAFC_Jack

    SAFC_Jack Striker

    Turned over a new leaf since your ban - brings a tear to my eye.
  4. Julio

    Julio Striker

    Be some made up stuff incoming soon as there is a bit to much positivity kicking about for some fans
  5. garyeaststand

    garyeaststand Full Back

    Pleased with the Willis signing , we 100% need a striker and a strong pacey midfielder to go up automatically
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  6. woodlebert

    woodlebert Striker

    What’s the latest?
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  7. Eddie Hitler

    Eddie Hitler Striker

    Looks like the awld Phooey is back :cool:

    Thank the Lordy :D
  8. hank williams

    hank williams Striker

    Off the same posters who'd moan bout the price of a pint :cool:
  9. gipetto

    gipetto Striker

    Having seen little of the players they've brought in,mit really is difficult to say.

    Willis sounds good, but I'll reserve judgement.

    The McGeady contract extension is the best news so far.
  10. stevo

    stevo Goalkeeper

    Ha ha brilliant post,think if we sign Walsall lad and either striker or winger we are on our way.
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  11. Eddie Hitler

    Eddie Hitler Striker

    If I'm getting ripped off I'll say something, then I'll nick your pint, AGAIN :cool:
  12. Who's the best person to tag with these threads?
  13. garyeaststand

    garyeaststand Full Back

    Not just the deal but the fact it was a 2 way thing and not just us chucking money his way to stay , shows the tide has turned with the culture at the club
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  14. Hongkongphooey

    Hongkongphooey Striker

    There’s loads mate :cool:
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  15. LineTrash

    LineTrash Striker

    The proof will be shown on the pitch.
  16. Can we wait up the window shuts until we make statements like this:lol:

    I can still remember @Bob Stokoes 'Hat There's Something Special Happening At Our Club' and 'Short Has Blown Us Out Of The Water' threads and let's not forget @The Muffin Man telling us all to eat humble pie after the January window.

  17. You make a fair point, but that does work both ways. It's far too early to start thinking we're doing great business, but equally there have been plenty criticising when it was blatantly too early to criticise as well. I've said throughout, we need to wait until the window shuts and assess it then, especially when we can see how the lads we bring in actually play. Discussing things and voicing concern is obviously fair enough, it is a discussion forum after all, but over the top triumphalism or negativity is uncalled for
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  18. Not sure there’s been enough done for praise like that, a lot still needed.
  19. Beaverbrooke

    Beaverbrooke Midfield

    Nope, I'm going to be blindly optimistic.
    Plenty of time to be miserable if it goes tits up, so I'm going to enjoy every moment til it does.

    (Yes, quite possibly 3.05 on the first day of the new season)
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  20. Time (and 46 games of football) will be the judge of that

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