Our friend Danny Rose


Not the best choice of phrase.

He does seem to have been struggling lately and I feel as though he is simply not in the best place at the minute.
He strangely seemed to be happy playing for us.

I was reading about Andrew (beefy) Johnson, the golfer who just managed to qualify for the open last week. He has also been struggling with a mental health issue... it can happen to anyone, and frequently does.

More sportsman are being honest about their problems... it can only be healthy, for us all.
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Thing is it’s what he said last season. Fair enough the lad has mental health issues but in team sport morale is very important. The stuff he has said can’t be good for the rest of the squad. He said he doesn’t like football. It’s hatdly going to help them that.


He’s getting toward that age where he’ll be doing a random stint abroad for a europa league team before getting a fuck ton for going to the MLS. Always liked watching him.
Fairly sure he lived on the Wakey side of Leeds ( but that could have been rented). Originally S Yorkshire lad.

Wouldn’t be surprised to see him at Shef U in some capacity ( loan to buy or summink)
When he was on the BBC program with Prince William he spoke very well about his problems and was very open. I can't imagine it been used against him if anything I thought more of him after watching it
Didn't see it mate. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't having a go at him, just putting my sixpenneth in;)