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Discussion in 'SMB' started by foolzy, Apr 13, 2019.

  1. I think you misunderstand me. I was more meaning people like the buggy pusher who likely thinks it is his right to have his buggy clogging up the bus rather than being a decent human being and moving for someone who needs the space more. If we were all decent humans then people with additional needs wouldn't have to have "rights" enshrined by law because others would be looking out for them [the people].
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  2. Bishop Mackem

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    Why are people suggesting that people should get off a bus half way through a journey just so a disabled person can fit on?

    What makes them have priority lol

    Like fuck would I be getting off the bus
  3. niceonemarra

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    They now have cameras pointing in the drivers faces watching their every move my mate got 3 warnings and then fired, not sure why he got his first warning but I think it was for protesting about the camera, his second warning was for covering the camera his third and the reason he got sacked was for taking a drink out of a bottle whilst driving, they caught him on the camera. Now I for one couldn't work under those conditions.
  4. The last two are understandable though. If they decide on a camera operation (as uncomfortable as it sounds), if he tries to circumvent it, then he is likely to be in trouble and the manager will wonder what he's got to hide. I fess up to sometimes having soft drinks, water or coffee whilst driving but steering with one wheel is not going to be condoned.

    I think that's slightly different than what I was thinking about. If I were at a bus stop (heaven forbid unless I was with SBC's lass) and the driver said 'Space for 1 only', I would offer the space to someone who might find the wait more uncomfortable than I would.
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  5. It’s the way I’ve always done it. Just the one wheel with the horn in the middle.
  6. Dogbark

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    I'd hoy you off ;)
  7. Prefer a bus with 4 wheels. They go round and round...

    A steering one is optional though.
  8. niceonemarra

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    Why would they need to insist on a driver cam? I'll have a guess at getting old timers out the company on good contracts to get new folk on shitty new contracts.
  9. Round and round?

    All day long?
  10. To facilitate good driving behaviour for passenger and public safety? Perhaps the insurance companies put forward or give discounts for the practice?

  11. Goat Eyes

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    The odd times I get the bus (I live on Durham Road and have a stop pretty much right outside my house) I try to see how many stops I can get to before a bus gets there.

    So if I’m going to the town, my game is to run / walk as far as I can before the bus gets there without missing it.

    Proper sad.
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  12. @foolzy is a lazy git though and just sits on his arse all day
  13. Goat Eyes

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    Nasty. :lol:
  14. Not all day, shithouse. I'm on crutches in the house!
  15. maghater

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    I suppose it depends on several factors if the bus ran say once an hour would it be reasonable to ask or expect anyone to get off. When you buy a ticket you are entering into a contract with the bus company to transport you from a to b.Forcing a passenger off so another can take his place be they disabled or not would therefor be a breach of contract and lead the bus company open to a civil court case
  16. Lefty Frizzell

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    Nope. The terms and conditions clearly lay out the policies for the organisation that are backed by legislation. There would be no breach of contract under these circumstances.
  17. maghater

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    Would love to see that get to court it is fundamental rule of law that if you buy goods or services they should be provided , kicking someone off a bus in the pouring rain miles from anywhere .......
  18. Lefty Frizzell

    Lefty Frizzell Midfield

    Adhering to T&Cs and legislation. Its common practice, especially in the transport industry.

    Have you ever been unfortunate enough to turn up at an airport, with a pre purchased ticket, only to find that the flight is over capacity? Its shit, but happens.
  19. adlenviro

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    I've had it before were a wheelchair user and there companion gave a young mother a load of abuse about having here buggy in the wheelchair space. After a few minutes the young mother picked the child up and showed these other two that the child had no legs and said she would not put here child through pain by holding him. Just remember disabled babies and children do use buggies and prams because they can't sit upright in a wheelchair. I will state again that the driver has no legal obligation to demand a buggy is folded.
  20. And I will state again you are wrong, have you even read the original link I posted? Do you not now see the supreme court overturned the appeal you posted?

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