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  1. In my second paragraph I stated that if the bus was rammed to the nines so not one more person old get on, I'd expect the wheelchair user to wait, or do people have to get off before their destination ?
    ( just so you know where I'm coming from I would actually offer to fold the buggy or hold the child if the parent needed help making space for a wheelchair).

    Yes ideally.
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    "The decision when to enforce the adjusted policy rigidly and when to relax or modify it calls for judgment to be exercised by the bus driver"

    Surely decent people would get off a bus if that scenario ever occurred?
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  3. I'd like to think so.
  4. Lefty Frizzell

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    What would you do if you were a bus driver, you are just coming to the next stop - your bus is full, two buggy's on and people standing in the aisle. You then see that the person at the front of the queue is in a wheelchair. What's the right thing to do?
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    Who wouldn’t do this?!? It’s common fucking courtesy to assist those that are in more need than yourself.
  6. I'd have done a bunny hop then tipped the buggy over
  7. My understanding from that original link is yes under law they would. However, I have already stated that no I wouldn't expect people to get off and I certainly wouldn't make a pram user who couldn't fold the pram up get off, I would wait for another bus

    Ask the buggie user to fold up buggie and allow wheelchair on?
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  8. That bus isn't rammed. I'm talking no buggies and not room for even one person. Does the driver insist people get off? If he insists, who does he choose?. Does the driver ask? Ideally people would get off early if they were made aware that a person with a wheelchair needed to get on.(On a rammed bus people at the back wouldn't even know who was wanting to get on).

    In answer to your question, of course he must ask for space to be made for the person with a wheelchair.
  9. There are 3 people on a life-raft and one has a wheelchair. The raft is sinking because of the weight.....
  10. ...and? Go on then.
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    If the bus is full, I think that the driver would have to make a decision. If there are no free seats and the bus is at capacity, I think they would have to use their own judgement. Either parent and buggy vacates, or some seated/standing people jump off so the parent and buggy can take a seat freeing up the wheelchair space. Or, the driver decides not to stop at all. I think the driver would have to consider the frequency of buses on the route, time of day and weather conditions.

    Its not so straightforward, however I think it is a positive policy change.

    Passengers would be asked and then i suppose, if nobody volunteers, the driver would then select individuals and request that they vacate. If they didnt leave then in such a scenario the police would be called upon to remove them. It does sound far fetched...but i have seen this exact thing happen in the US, it was horrendous.

    Didnt you just say a couple of pages back that, "If the bus was rammed, then the wheelchair user should likely have to wait for the next bus". Have you now changed your mind?
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    Basically yeah, you can’t leave a disabled person abandoned by the side of the road in the pissing rain, for example.
  13. The survivors also include a black, a gay, an OAP, a ginger, someone in transition and .....
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  14. Not especially. I usually like to approach a problem from a common sense angle. I'm interested in the thread. There are likely several solutions to a full bus and a person with a wheelchair needing to get on. Waiting for the next bus may be the perfect answer. Asking people to leave the bus may be the best answer. Asking people to just squeeze up a little more might be the best answer.

    Sadly there are people who only see themselves and their rights as the most important thing when a little bit of kindness and less self interest would lead to far better outcomes.
  15. Make sure that you don’t drop below 50 mph in case the bus blows up, claim you saw it on a training video!
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  16. A good outcome for all.
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    Wheelchair users have enhanced rights when it comes to public transport.
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    At least they have a seat to sit in whilst wait for the next bus.
  19. I wasn't referring especially to users of wheelchairs I was referring to anyone who was self obsesesd with their rights, could be someone not wanting to get off a bus, could be someone not wanting to move up the bus, could be a user of a wheelchair. Nothing wrong with a user of a wheelchair to remind a driver of their enhanced rights.

    I like to think kindness and thoughtfulness should win the day, but sadly it doesn't always hence the need for all these laws.
  20. Can you define 'self obsessed with their rights' ?
    Laws are in place for a reason and these ones in particular have been fought for by disabled people for decades

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