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Discussion in 'Gold' started by Houghton Ref ™, Mar 8, 2005.

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  1. daveydavey

    daveydavey Striker

    Yes, Im aware of that, however the intent expressed has dwindeld(sp?). It was still read in the wrong context by CM though, who seemed to think that I had posted thinking that my post was the 1000th, my second post, of which you quoted...was merely pointing this out.
    Ill leave this thread and let you "celebrate" your 1000th post...
  2. Nice try son, 19 out, bit closer that time.
  3. He's probably using some iterative method, like Newton Raphson.

    I predict he'll end up posting on 997, 998, 999, 1001, 1002 and 1004.
  4. I think he's more likely to use Bohemian Raphson.
  5. "Is this just real life - Is this just fantasy ? Find out on The Thread (tm)"
  6. Mamma, just killed a man. Put a gun against his head, Posted "Pissflaps" on The Thread (TM)
  7. daveydavey

    daveydavey Striker

    As theres no danger of posting the 1000th post (I promise I wont) - and youre talking about me, can I just use this opportunity to add another post to this thread of which is surely the longest in RTG History.
    I'd like to add that their will be no irrative posting of up to the 1000th post should their not be any Quoting of this post before then, nor so will there be if this post is completly ignored*, if, however, you decide to quote/discuss this post, then I may post further in the build up the 1000th post, leaving of course the 1000th post to one of you two.
    Of whom, although im confident you will both deny, will fight it out, determined to make the first ever 1000th post on a thread, the succsessful one will bathe in glory while the other will merely fade away as a good for nothing contributor, like me and total_recall (soz marra:wink:)
    Anyway, ill see you on the otherside.

    *,Nor so the mentioning of my name "daveydavey", or discreet/coded messages regarding myself and my board persana.
    Last edited: Mar 21, 2005
  8. Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh! Just missed.
  9. duff

    duff Guest

    It's a ruse...Tonight He's Gonna Party like he's posted No. 999 (The Thread TM)
  10. duff

    duff Guest

    We need to get Roger to kill the thread at 999 - It's Kurt with a shotgun, it's James Dean behind the wheel of his roadster, it's Rod Hull falling off the roof of his mock Tudor mansion. Punk fucking rawk man.

    Think of what it'll do to the brand value of The Thread.

    Post Fast, Die Young, Leave a Good Looking Thread (TM)
  11. I'll get all the sleep I need when I'm Thread (TM)
  12. duff

    duff Guest

    It's better to log off than fade away.
  13. Better read than Thread (TM)
  14. duff

    duff Guest

    Stop it, we're heading for The Edge - and we don't want to find out if there is A Ledge beyond The Edge, cos even if there is, it'll render the brand worthless.

    Life ain't nothing but bitches and money: The Thread (FTM)

    And we ain't gonna get nothing if we go over the 1,000 mark.
  15. Naw man, you want to kill the thread but not kill it. I want to kill it for real. Then we can get into the nostalgia market - I posted on The Thread (TM) when it still meant something.
  16. I concur.

    PM to Roger time ?

    And, given that we unleashed the Devil on 666, will we unleash 1.5 Devils on 999 ? or The Police ? "Roxanne ........."
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  17. duff

    duff Guest

    Jesus Christ - it's two minutes to midnight, Ellis Bextor is on Zidane's Floor etc.

    A grand don't come for free: The Thread (RIP)
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