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Discussion in 'Gold' started by Houghton Ref ™, Mar 8, 2005.

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  1. May I be first to congratulate us on achieving 10,000 views.

    We have brought the failure of the disks in the SMB web server just that little bit closer folks .....
  2. (does poor impersionation of Cockney Mackem)

    "The Thread: because cross-burning is stressful enough without showing off your jizz stains in public"
  3. That was pretty good marra. I'll try a poor impersonation of you:

    Rules of the SMB Klan:

    #1 You do not admit to actually being in a right wing organisation

    #2 You do suggest a sneaking admiration for said organisation and that they may have cleaned up their act in recent years

    #3 You post a load of absolute bollox with no factual basis, that blames the brown people for everything

    #4 You cry that you're being persecuted if anyone points out that you are talking out of your arse.

    #5 You use Ariel concentrated detergent liquid on the sheets, that sorts out the jizz stains no bother.

    #6 You believe the sandalistas really have cancelled Christmas

    #7 Two right wing nutjobs to a thread, one thread at a time

    #8 You may never get a girlfriend but it's OK, it must be some paki's fault that lasses won't give you the time of day...
  4. duff

    duff Guest

    Nods sagely at Cultured Mackem's wisdom and compaasion and moves on...
  5. This reads like ToonToon's manifesto !
  6. ToonToon says: Now the bitch has left me, all I have left is The Thread (TM)
  7. ToonToon says: Bitches are temporary. Trust in The Thread (TM)
  8. This is The Thread(TM), and this is our Fanimesto.
  9. Is that some sort of fetish involving olive oil, basil and ladies dangly bits ?
  10. I would like to like to propose a minute's silence in honour of

    Lord Cheese and his site
  11. total_recall

    total_recall Guest

    Bows head out of respect
  12. Fanipesto, you're thinking of. Add anchovies and sun-dried tomatoes and use bionic pissflaps as a compress.
  13. Do you really need anchovies ?
  14. Bionic pissflaps don't taste real without anchovies.
  15. duff

    duff Guest

    Lord Cheese has lost his sight?

    Never hurt Stevie Wonder. Or Ray Charles. Or Helen keller.

    Well, maybe Helen Keller.

    And that time Stevie answered the iron by mistake probably hurt too.

    Come to think of it, whoever sang 'I'd rather go blind' was talking shite.

    Blind is the new rubbish [The Thread (tm)].
  16. Now he can only post radio clips of our goals.
  17. The bassas will stop him from doing that as well.
  18. duff

    duff Guest

    Still no good to the girl Keller - mind, she never complains. Stiff upper lip and that. Got to admire her.
  19. "But what about Blunkett ........"

    "The prosecution rests it's case, m'lud"
  20. Jer reckon we'll get to 1000 posts today? I reckon we will, no bother.
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