Only Connect- new series

SMB Team

I'll sign up! I auditioned last year with mates but we didn't get on. They did say to re-audition as we weren't hopeless.
What does audition entail?
Videocall with a few producers, they chat to you then give you a bunch of Only Connect-style questions. They give you missing vowels first; they said that's because they'd found that's the easiest to get into in an audition scenario. They tell you there and then if you are on the shortlist. For us they said we were borderline and should reapply in future.
Yeeehaa isn't the Gardiners mam just the cleverest.

One of my favourite teams in the competition.

Got the opposite names one after 1 Stephen King Steve mcqueen.

Then got the royals at the Olympics. So looking good so far.

Between me and other half we got 4 out of 6 in the first round,
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Second round only two

Musical one and yoga one tho we were thinking YMCA.

But feeling clever tonight.
Was pleased with my performance tonight though I struggled a bit with missing vowels, which I’m usually decent with.
Us too did well at the wall might have struggled with the NK in space and yes the missing vowel harder than usual. But either my brain has improved or that was easier than normal.

Sad to see the Gardiners go.
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