Only Connect- new series

I managed to get a couple this time around, even on the wall which I genuinely hate. Lad at my old office ended up on it a while back (same one that stormed millionaire earlier this year but used all the lifelines up on a tennis question)
Great to see it back. Really feel chuffed when I get one right. I did get a couple this week but I am sure I will be brought back to earth with a bump in the next episode
I am usually pretty good on TV quizzes from the comfort of the sofa(i remember a lot of useless guff) but only connect is way above my level if i get one or two things right in the whole show i am happy. Good luck with the audition
think it takes a bit of getting, same when I started watching, but once get in the 'zone' find do better. Was rusty when watched new series but hopefully things will imprve as goes on ( looks like 28 episodes, so plenty of time ) .