O'Nien isn't a fullback

We have an ok LB in Hume...not a world beater but decent enough...hes not a LWB however not in a million year, but he hasn't been played at LB to allow McLaughlin to go back to his natural position...seems logical to me like..Jack ?
Hume was torn apart against Oxford, let that sink in.


They doubled up on him when attacking, one pulled out to the touch line and headed in back in for that speedy number 14.

Had to laugh at that chant aim at him ( their number 14) “where’s your hairline gone” :lol:

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I know he was but Hume wasn't playing LB against Oxford its why I said he's not a LWB if you'd read it .
How about trying the lad at LB instead of playing a RB there and maybe try the RB at RB.... crazy idea I know.


Hume came on last week so he should have been at LB with CM at RB.....it's fucking nuts to be playing players out of position.


Agreed but concern is McLaughlin looks worse. Not gonna write him off yet as out of position but he looks dreadful so far at left back.
One of our most composed, if not, most composed players on the ball. Fantastic touch and decent footballing brain too. I’d much rather see him in CM than Power...

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Tactically we are a mess like. Having no natural full backs is killing us and no legs in the middle when we start Leadbitter. Need to sign a left back ASAP and get Dobson next to Power.
Sort this and we will be ok this season imo.