"O'neill for Sunderland!" Chant..

Discussion in 'Gold' started by Premiership, May 4, 2006.

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  1. GavMackem®

    GavMackem® Striker

    Top thread this, five stars.

    To add to the useful facts on this thread it takes about an hour to travel from Andover to Ben Dover.
  2. safc_till_i_die

    safc_till_i_die Full Back

  3. SuperKev

    SuperKev Striker

    Just to let you know that when the fixtures come out and we are playing Birmingham it is the one in the Midlands (beside Aston).

    Please don't book a plane to Alabama.
  4. Blimey, I cannot believe that this tread is still going on! This has to be GOLD! America my arse, there are about six Andovers in the USA and only one here & you missed it. Geography student? Please do not get a job as a cartographer!

    Premiership mate, please notice the new location, just for you marra!!
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  5. Jasper

    Jasper Striker

    hahah! Gerld!

    Is that a medical condition?

  6. [​IMG]

    When's Jokers' Geography PhD start?
  7. This "Premiership" lad is not even "Championship" material - thick as mince.
  8. iMike

    iMike Midfield

    Hoy Andy man, you've spoilt it. When you start the thread your location gives the joke away before Premierships' comment now. Put it back the way it was man.
  9. Aye ok, you have a point. Uno Momento por favour! :-D

  10. Howay mods, get it Engerldified!!
  11. Ena Sharples

    Ena Sharples Striker

    Think he gets lost soon as he set foot outside his house ? Or is he deed posh and has one of them sat nav things in his car ?

    Needed cheering up this thread is pure gold

  12. Love the new sig marra! :lol:
  13. the streaker

    the streaker Guest

    Amy more before its preservation??
  14. Sideshow Bob2

    Sideshow Bob2 Striker

  15. Joe Public

    Joe Public Striker

    Shame you are never there and know fuck all about it. :lol:

  16. G Force

    G Force Striker

    South Shields is by far the best English town


    *It's in the north east for the benefit of Premiership*
  17. AdamskiRoze

    AdamskiRoze Guest

    The highlight of this thread for me, fantastic :lol:
  18. the streaker

    the streaker Guest

    I got lost and finished up on this thread.......
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