One of the best debut albums of the 80s?

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  1. London 0 Hull 4 by The Housemartins

    Great tunes, very political and yet very poppy.

    Spawned some great singles, shame I never got the chance to see them live.

    I recall their appearance on The Tube where they did an outstanding a cappella version of Caravan of Love.

    And let's not forget Paul Heaton went on to form The Beautiful South and Norman Cook became Fatboy Slim.

    I'm reminded of this because of a nice interview / article in The Guardian the other day.

    The Housemartins: how we made Happy Hour

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    Great album:cool:
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    It's cultural appropriation, racist, has zero diversity and they assume someones gender in the song.

    How do you sleep at night. :confused:
  4. Interesting comment on YouTube below the Caravan of Love clip.

    Paul Heaton himself was responding to someone who'd lost a fiver when he put it on that song being Xmas #1, only to be pipped at the post by Reet Petite.

    Paul writes....

    You'd be even sicker if i told you that we were actually no1 but had it taken off us. The morning of the final charts we received the official phone call from the record company saying it had been confirmed to them that we were Christmas number One. We'd been outselling Reet Petite by 2 to 1 throughout the week anyway, so it was no surprise. There was however a big problem with someone at Radio who had taken offence at something I'd said earlier 'live on air'. When it came to the chart rundown not only did they remove us from number 1 but they also refused to mention us in the charts at all. To this day i know we were number 1 but that won't help your cause any!?
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    Great Album, didn't the original drummer (Hugh somebody) get done for attempted murder?
  7. Hugh Whitaker (born 18 May 1961) is an English musician and the former drummer for the British indie rock band The Housemartins. He replaced original drummer Chris Lang and drummed for the band's first album, London 0 Hull 4, and its attendant single releases. He left the band before the recording of their second album, The People Who Grinned Themselves to Death. Whitaker left the band on amicable terms and even participated in the promotional video for the band's first single without him, "Five Get Over Excited", wherein he was kidnapped by his replacement, Dave Hemingway, and locked in a hessian sack.

    Whitaker went on to play drums in London-based indie band The Servants, and then in several Hull rock bands, including The Penny Candles, The Juniper Chute, The Fabulous Ducks, and The Gargoyles.

    In 1993, Whitaker was sent to prison for six years for assaulting former business associate James Hewitt with an axe and setting fire to his house on three occasions :eek:
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  8. A record that has passed me by. Will give it a spin now
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    The people who grinned themselves to death is also a cracker.
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    Great Album, but for me Appetite for Destruction is the best debut album of the 80s.
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  11. "Get Up Off Our Knees" still has a lot of power, anarl.

    "Sitting on a Fence" is relevant to this day!
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    Listening to it now :cool:

    The people who grinned themselves to death album that is
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    The Pooh Sticks
  15. Amazing that they only did 2 albums 'proper' before moving on.

    Both class, though.
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    Agreed that it is a great album and I prefer GNR debut but NWA Straight outta Compton pips Appetite for me.
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    Themes about a South East centric country, and the people being shafted by the rich and political classes.

    Dated quite well, really. :eek:
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    Apologies for not responding in a more positive manner - but Caravan of Love is one of my most hated songs, along with Love Shack and Bohemian Rhapsody.
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    They hyphenated "themselves" on the line break but not "Housemartins" :evil: 5/10 (cracking album, though, and still influencing people - Los Campesinos! current merch includes a tee based on the album cover)
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    Utter bastards!! :lol::lol:

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