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One Day Cup to be downgraded at expense of the 100

Discussion in 'Cricket' started by mackembhoy, Apr 17, 2019.

  1. mackembhoy

    mackembhoy Striker

    Downgrading 50-over cricket is 'price to pay' for Hundred - ECB county chief

    "make cricket cooler to more people" :lol::lol::lol::lol: what a heap of shit.

    8.4million people watched the climax of the 4th test in the Ashes in 2005

    In comparison 4.2 million watched the champions league final in 2018. The largest paid TV audience for football in the UK ever.

    How about make the cricket free to fucking air. ECB are morons blinded by the £££££ signs

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  2. TheRey

    TheRey Central Defender

    Fuck the ECB, and fuck Graves. Ruining our game - possibly permanently - for a few quid.

    New Surrey flag this season petermayboys on Twitter
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  3. Doesn't inspire anyone I know who is a regular down here
  4. SAFC11

    SAFC11 Winger

    I hate them. Everything thats wrong with modern cricket. If you dont enjoy cricket, you wont like an even more complicated version. And if they do, they probably wont enjoy the proper forms. 50 over cricket is brilliant
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  5. Ageing trundler

    Ageing trundler Central Defender

    Back in the day, there were only a handful of limited overs games outside of the old 40 over league. I don't see an issue with having 4 groups of 5 in the 50 over comp with a q-f, etc. But if that were done it would have to be to allow clubs extra days to play 16 4 day games (and we might actually produce some test openers). To reduce it to accommodate this Hundred nonsense is all wrong.
  6. I remember the B & H Cup being almost like pre-season friendlies, split into groups. 55 overs a side and the final quite early on in the season.

    The Gillette Cup was the one they all wanted to win, with the minor counties having a crack against the big boys across 60 overs a side. The late season final was anticipated by everyone.

    Now here we are, reduced to 100 balls, franchised and sanitised, so that people who hate cricket might watch some cricket.

    They can fuck off.
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  7. brandon

    brandon Striker

    So the 50 over competition, which is played by all 18 counties - is being deliberately hamstrung to benefit a format with only 8 counties.......

    If I didn’t know better I’d think the ECB wanted to kill off several of the counties.
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  8. TheRey

    TheRey Central Defender

    I usually roll my eyes and lose interest when I see bods come out with the whole "The ECB/government etc hate the North and are obsessed with the south!" shite, but I honestly think if Yorkshire, and to a lesser extent Lancs, weren't such powerhouses with so much tradition, the ECB would gladly see there be no county cricket north of Birmingham.
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  9. smoker

    smoker Striker

    Can't wait to see their faces when no fucker turns up.
  10. brandon

    brandon Striker

    To be honest mate it’s just as worrying for the likes of Leicestershire and Derbyshire and then how about the loss of all cricket in the South West of England if Somerset and Gloucestershire are done away with?

    It may seem extreme, but in a decade or so? Without investment? And with their complete reason for being (and consequently one of the main revenue streams) completely dismantled? It isn’t suddenly so hard to imagine.
  11. Ageing trundler

    Ageing trundler Central Defender

    Or we end up with a version of 'professional' cricket played mainly on weekends and evenings, like semi-pro football.
  12. The people running our game are absolutely vile. Killing the game in order to make a few quid,

    The only thing wrong with cricket was the schedule and the marketing. This 100 thing will be nothing better than kwik cricket and should be confined to playgrounds.

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  13. Rufus T Firefly

    Rufus T Firefly Reserve Squad

    After all the effort and prioritising of the England 50 over team in the last two years or so with the target of winning this year's World Cup it is just crackers to then shut down the supply of domestic 50 over cricketers. Oh hang on, it's the ECB....,
  14. vinegar hill

    vinegar hill Striker

    Never understood this 100 shit.
    There's already an 120 ball game.
    Absolutely fuckin crackers.
  15. Struts

    Struts Midfield

    They already downgraded the 50 over competition when they decided to only have 10 days between the semis and now they're thinking what will really help things is moving it to a ground that will be harder to get to for an 11am start.

    The hundred won't even make a few quid.
  16. Probably won't. If you aren't interested in T20 cricket, why would you be interested in something that's less than 4 overs shorter per innings? It's just a condensed gimmick of T20.

    I also don't think there's a massive difference between the interest in T20 and FC & List A cricket. The big difference is in the scheduling, if you put on a game that lasts about 3 and a half hours on a Friday night or Saturday afternoon, of course it's going to get more in the ground than the 50 over game that was scheduled on a Wednesday morning/afternoon in April :lol:
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  17. Ageing trundler

    Ageing trundler Central Defender

    Hopefully you'll be proven right tomorrow with a bumper crowd watching us!
    Last edited: Apr 18, 2019
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