Old football management games

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If you kept offering 0 for players they eventually signed for you. Bit of a bug! Game was a shit version of Match of the Day.

And then there was this beauty. Absolute class game:

And Tracksuit Manager where you managed the International Teams.

God knows how many others I've played.


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remember playing one called "on the ball" i think? must have been early 90's was just before champ man or about the same time


I can remember playing the original Football Manager on the ZX Spectrum. You'd sit listening to the tape screeching as it loaded praying it didn't fail. I'm sure the loading time was over 90 minutes.
About 3 minutes. But we were younger back then!

Played all sorts of footy manager games over the years. The step-change that the original Championship Manager game introduced was incredible.
Never had as much fun with a football manager game since playing Football Masters on the Amiga. I think it evolved into Champ man.

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Remember the first CM that came out that did not have proper names. I also remember the Italian one that came out and had an injured Lentini. What a shame that injury was.
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Yup, due to that, I spent my money on Graham Taylor's game instead.
Big mistake!
I'm trying to think of one that had proper names and Roger Wilde was class. Can't remember the name of the game or what I played it on


The Boss on the C64, I remember being my first. Used to recall Eric Gates being unavailable owing to being arrested drunk outside of a nightclub, the spenk.

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