O’Nien attracting interest from Championship London club


Fair enough but could hardly blame him for going to a team that are streets ahead of us, any half decent offer and he will go whether we agree or not.
...and are we just going to accept they are streets ahead of us, even more-so, by selling them our best players?

Makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, which was my original point.

I agree about the offer though.
Agreed. a well run club would have at least 2 replacements in mind for each player, there should also be replacements in mind for the manager

We are not a well run club
To be fair I think Parky is trying hard to run a ship without much help.He was at under 23s v WBA the other night with the bloke from sky and the coaches .He was obviously discussing stuff and in the face of little support it would seem is desperate to do well .He won't have liked what he saw at Hetton ( it was poor) but the players we are linked with like this Docherty from Rangers show he knows this division and will get us out sooner rather than later .Just get the feeling with the fitness stuff , his personal viewing of the young uns , and the box to box physical players we are linked with , we are not in bad hands with this manager ( despite board level issues)
So for me not all doom and gloom and with our suppport we may yet achieve what we all want .4000 fans at mk would suggest we are going to give it a right go .Big Phils wearside army anyone ?