Nuclear Armageddon - Would we be told?

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Chizno1, Dec 6, 2018.

  1. Chizno1

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    With the O2 service going off this morning, and then the internet going off at work at the same time, I started wondering.

    If nukes had been launched, and mutually assured destruction was about to occur, do you think that we would be told? Or, do you think that all TV, internet and telephony systems would be shut down by the government so that we would have no clue and would not jam up road and communication networks trying to get to loved ones/escape the blast zone etc.?

    I know that we are meant to have a TV broadcast protocol to alert us, and the government were trying to develop a text messaging alert system in conjunction with telephony providers, but do you trust this would actually happen? Or, are you a conspiracy theorist who thinks that societies so-called elite have an early warning system in place already, and they will be told whilst the rest of us are left blissfully unaware?

    Also, on a related note, the crap in this post really serves as an example of how even a brief internet outage can affect work productivity :lol::lol:
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  2. niknak_123

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    I'd certainly kick up a fuss on here if I wasn't!
  3. Aituk7

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    I thought one went off in Murton once.

    Turns out it was just a wednesday afternoon.
  4. Baby Give It Up

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    Doesn't matter does it, if it's an Armageddon we would all be fcuked anyway.
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  5. ChrisAshley

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    I'd write a strongly worded letter after I've been nuked like.
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  6. Kent_Mackem

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    Better to live in a city than in the sticks when it does happen. I don't think Threads came close....
  7. Chizno1

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    Yeah, you're right I suppose, but I would like to think that in my last 15 minutes I would be able to send a message, say goodbye to people at least.
  8. Would probably improve the standard of fluff in Fishburn anyway so I'm all for it.
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  9. I looked this up a while ago and apparently in the event of Nukes being inbound the government can commandeer all mobile phone networks and send out a warning for all the good it will do. In some other countries, Finland I think was one, they have kept air raid warning sirens and test them regularly.
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  10. CPK1979

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  11. Chizno1

    Chizno1 Central Defender

    Thank you for that, interesting. Fallout shelters open for 2ish minutes? As people have said, a warning would be largely worthless anyway, even if it was broadcast.

    What would really piss me off though is that we would never know Rachels Target number!:lol:
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  12. Bishop Boy

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  13. Smartin

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    Watched and read enough post apocalyptic material not to worry about it.
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  14. Video unavailable. Shit, its started.

    They do in France as well.
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  15. Yankee Mackem

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    Would you need to be told? Though it would he pretty obvious when Putin Nukes hendon.
  16. Would you want to be told.. spend the last 10 minutes of your life shitting yourself and crying.. better just to go about your day in ignorance
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  17. Iirc didn't midge ure see it on the telly in the video for dancing (with tears in my eyes)?

    I always presumed it would be like that.

    He got into bed with his missus. Got be worth one last shag?
  18. Iballistic George

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    Apparently the first nukes launched would explode in the atmosphere and would shut down electric systems. It would be followed a few minutes later by the cities and military targets being hit. We'd be dead a couple of minutes after losing the internet. Based on this I can guarantee we haven't been attacked.
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