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November/December NIGHT theme - discussion thread.

Discussion in 'Monthly Competition' started by peachbum, Dec 31, 2016.

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  1. Hopefully the closing date is 2.1.17 as alluded to by steeeeed in the entries only thread.

    I will try to enter something tomorrow (1.1.17)
  2. Steeeeed

    Steeeeed Winger

    Don't worry, I'll happily extend a few days. I can't actually upload anything which I've raised as a problem on the help forum. Not sure if it's a problem with the site in general or just me!
  3. Thanks! I'll try putting a picture on tomorrow anyway, see how we go.
  4. Steeeeed

    Steeeeed Winger

    Working now.

    I'll lock the thread on the 3rd.
    peachbum likes this.
  5. Te already did your joke and the persecuted one had his deleted ;)
  6. Maybe I'll get a vote off TE then!
  7. Almost certainly :lol:

    No smoker no vlad on the night thread :rolleyes:

    Is smoker generally missing?
  8. Steeeeed

    Steeeeed Winger

    We've lost him to the only part of the board with more weirdos than here - the politics sub forum!
  9. smoker

    smoker Striker

    Not done any night photography since 26th November. Haven't taken any pics through the telescope for over a year, when my kit was wrecked by lightning....:( Too drained by work these days.
  10. Bad news that we're slacking on the weirdo count

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